Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Blanket of Nature

An impression -- wounded earth, healing. Abandoned buildings,vine-covered, moss and fern, droopy things. The slow transitionto something else. We only rarely see art imitate life on that count.Network cables, hardware, the chaos of transition mocked. Organic-looknetworking. We fear .. no, that's not right. We can't deal with suchchaos, although we're doomed to always have a longing for it. Orderand Chaos, our two lovers.. we try for order, it's been good to us,and we can see the pain in its eyes when it sees that we can't fullygive our heart to it, even if we are faithful in deed, and while we'reaware of this, we feel a crushing guilt... I flirt with Chaos, and wouldmore, if I had the time.

So, there's another spider, this one very rude, slurping on my sitewhile pretending to be an ordinary user. You can tell they're beingjerks when they pretend to be (rotating):Netscape 4.77/LinuxMSIE 4.0/Win95MSIE 5.5/Win98MSIE 6/NT5

Umm, yeah, thanks for not even looking at my robots.txt, not mentioningyou're a bot, and slurping my page very methodically. Whois says you're"Web Content International". You just got iptables-ed out of communicationwith my systems. I don't mind Google getting my pages -- their bot ispolite, doesn't grab at an insane rate that makes me wonder what's goingon while I'm logged onto the box, and their IPs resolve, so when I go throughthe trouble to figure out who they are, I don't need to use 'whois'. Othersearch engines (which I don't care much about) are mostly ok unless they'reeither sinister, or if they grab fast enough that I I feel compelled to find outwho they are.

Today's midterm went pretty well -- it was much easier than I expected.Of course, the really tricky thing is how I did on the take-home portion..I was up until about 3:30 last night working on it, and woke up earlytoday to finish it up and study for the midterm. I think my body is unhappywith me about that -- now that I'm done with classes, I'm not feeling too well.I think it's just that I'm really sleepy -- the thought of lying downsomewhere soft and sleeping is very attractive to me. I might do that, orI might do some tea or food and be social somewhere first. Or perhaps I'llcatch up on some work stuff. Today and yesterday I've been doing a bit lessin preperation for the midterm related stuff that's mostly done, for now.

Oh, PUSH turned out well again last night -- we keep getting new people.Huzzah!

Also, China just finished a manned space trip. Cool.

I need to shut my laptop down sometime to get all the cat fur out of it..I don't know how, but wally has some kind of secret fur-injection techniqueto mess up my system. Self-reminder for tomorrow -- get a haircut.


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