Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Virtual Cleverness

Today, I made a face out of the eyeball that's the logo of my group at CMU.

I was going to be cleverer yet, but my quota's up for today.. was going tomake a logo for my website by altering an image of an altoid can, changingthe text to say "Curiously Strong Opinions". Maybe I still will, sometime.But now I've ruined the punchline.

Had a long conversation with a friend in Columbus who's in a situationnot unlike mine, on so many levels, except they're coming at it from adifferent perspective. Conversation briefly strayed to someone Ifind cute there who I saw for a bit during my last visit. *smile*

Oh, you might find zis comik to be amoosink, Ja? Ja!

I've been catching up a little bit on my huge backlog of things to read,people to contact, and all. I still have a long way to go...Maybe I should just try to get every single person I know that I've beenneeding to catch up on things with to come with me on the Guggenheim trip,whenver it'll be. .. Hmm.. that might take a bus. *sigh*

Hmm.. it's strange how sometimes muscle cramps can be pleasant.

o/~ There used to be a road.. there might still be o/~o/~ Wasted all the time.. waiting for noone o/~

And here we are, on foot again, another glen left, another trip acrossnew mountains, the highlands. We can't ever go back, and it hurts tocontinue our trek across eternity. All the people we meet, becomeghosts, whispers, that we take in our heads... Sequel upon sequel,spin-off upon spin-off.. Never another actual episode.. Just at most acameo.. What a time it was, the original episodes.. a time when we didn'tactually even look back much to the predecessors.

A line next to the wall, parallel, a divergence like veins on an oldhand. Shrunken skin, an early optimization, efficiency, becomes a cripplingpull. I am forced to stand still long enough for the lobster to take a swing.Extra thoughts, words flow from mind to hand, the message needing buta few occasional glances to maintain integrity. Wind blows in a place that wecannot hear, a shaking earth, unknown caves collapse.

Tags: comics, friends

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