Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Soul Ice Cream

I didn't have much to do, and I was hungry, so I went for a latenight dinner. It's funny -- I actually have plenty to do, fromcleaning my apartment to getting work done on some big assignmentsdue soon.. and it all sounds great now, now that I lack the energyto do them (bedtime soon)... but when I actually have the time totake a stab at them, I invariably end up taking a walk, biking around,or taking a nap. Maybe tomorrow. There's a *ahem* store I want to visittomorrow, and also I'd like to stop by the health food market again toget more of that cheese (yum!).

I really should've done the New York thing this weekend, I think -- I won'tget a chance until November now.. Oh well.

Anyhow, I stopped by work on the way back, programmed a bit on thenon-due_soon project, and also chatted on AIM with some friends.Around 2:30 or so, I went to Eat'n'Park (was hungry again -- maybe all thebiking and stuff), and had a small meal. It's funny -- this is the first time inPgh that I've seen people who are fully goth. From the occasional latex clothesto the multiple shades of dark-dyed hair, these were the real thing. There werealso some ambigenders and some fratboys.. It's funny, or at least seems funny tome in this sleepy state -- one doesn't need be in a frat to be a fratboy, andvice versa. In any case, I can't stand them... On the way there, I passed agroup that was shouting things to each other as they walked in their drunkenstupor across Squirrel Hill, and while waiting to get a table, one of themscooted right in front of me when I was at the front of the line. Fortunately,I was able to yank out my air of authority when the scheduler/seater personcame back and didn't need to explain that I was there first to either. I didget a dirty look from the fratboy.. Heh.

What exactly is it about fratboys that piss me off so much? Alcohol,anti-intellectualism, celebration of being drunk, shallowness, exaggeratedgender roles, and the old boys club association. That's it in a sentence :)

Danger, Will Robinson! More actors running for government!When we start seeing people choosing actors to be their surgeon in operations,it's time to flee the country. :)

Oh, I'm still amused by the Siegfried/Roy thing. Here's an interestingarticle. It's all part of a big discrace, folks. Circuses are cruel to their animals. Critters didn'tevolve simply to be human playthings, and treating them as such is bound tocreate problems. There's one doctor, according to this article whosuggests the tiger should be euthanized. That seems really stupid to me.In my eyes, if you take someone into your care, and it's reasonably intelligent,you don't get to kill it when it becomes inconvenient, especially because itstops netting you money. It seems fundamentally wrong to me to think ofother intelligent creatures as just being a revenue stream, their very lifea convenience. And no, the fact that it attacked a human doesn't matter a bitmorally -- an animal as a ward isn't an autonomous moral agent, and ..hmm... this would make a fascinating discussion of a particular point of mymoral/value framework, but not now. I'm tired.

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