Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Honey in the air

I'm enjoying the fresh smells of fall... and am amused to occasionallysee pumpkins on teacher's desks.. an amusing parody of the apples.

I'm also dead tired. Last week, it was a Psych midterm (takehome andinclass), and this week, it's two papers due tomorrow, and piled on topof both Philosophy homework and an upcoming deadline with a project atwork... so I'm burning the candle on both ends, and in the middle, sleepwise.Last night though, I got the Psych paper pretty much done (it's not the finalversion due of that anyhow). Tonight, along with preparing for a PUSH meeting,I also need to write the philosophy paper. Well, at least I decided on thetopic last night..

Oh, an amusement:Heh.

Altavista has been hammering my site recently -- it seems they're suddenlyputting a lot of effort into catching up with google. Unlike Microsoft, whosesearch engines I block at every chance, along with rude or ill-intentionedrobots, I don't mind most spiders, although it is a pain in the butt toneed to keep track of these things.

Finally, a few links:Capsteps has more songs up, as alwaysThere are also two comics you might like, ifdark humour's your thing.

I'm finally starting to use a trick I learned in vim some time ago:select-to-search. To delete, for example, all text up to the next doublequote,d/"(enter)

I'm still slowly adding descriptions to my journal topics.Tired, but getting back to work. *sigh*

Tags: comics, tech

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