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Mortal Blood

This week, I've been getting very little sleep, as I've had a heck ofa lot to do at work and for class. I have two really big assignmentsdue today, and so last night and the night before, I stayed up verylate getting them done (last night, getting about 3 hours sleep).Surprisingly, breaking up the sleep into 3 1-hour naps seems to havedone me a lot of good -- although I'm by no means feeling great, I am relatively alert, I'm not stuck in deep hack mode, andI'm actually feeling ok, although very different than usual. Again,it's the less inhibited, more social Pat, with a lot of the chatter andrandom thoughts that happen in my head disabled. I'm even finding myselfcapable of making spelling errors in this state :)

So I went to CMU, and right into a committee meeting on our emailinfrastructure. I actually it. Huzzah.

PUSH was pretty small last night -- I think most people were busy withschoolwork/midterms and similar... but there was good discussion anyway.

Oddly, both my Psych and Philosophy classes are touching on Pareto surfacesat the same time, or at least closely related topics. This is one of myfavourite concepts in mathematics/decision theory. Unfortunately, it'shard to find a good site that describes it without a bunch of uninterestingadditional stuff. Hmm. Satisficing, much less interesting, also is showingup for the first time in both within the last week. I wonder if they'retiming these things for some more basic class that the other students mighttheoretically be taking, or if it's just happenstance.

There's a positive review on MacOS X 10.3 that's kind of interesting --I've had the chance to see some of this stuff in action in a PerlMonger meeting,where there were some people running the beta. Some thoughts:

  • Encrypted homedir - Nice, if you're the sort to keep your password secure. Does it break daemons though? What about your .forward, .plan, and public_html/ directories? What about your .ssh folder? Chewing on it, maybe it's not such a good idea after all..
  • Secure Deletion - Cool
  • Email Whitelists and similar - Neat
  • Sidebar - Dumb. This is what the dock in NeXTStep did. It was dumb of them to change it, and now you get to have two different ways to store this stuff. Confusing. Bring back the dock!
  • Expose - Neat, with a *VERY* slick visual effect. It's basically a fancy version of what some X and OS/2 window managers have done, but it's so flashy that it's easy to forget that.
  • Fast User Switching - Also neat, with a slick visual effect. It's a pity that it's hard to do this on X -- the only immediate way I can think of would be to run gdm/xdm on a lot of different virtual consoles, and swap between them using Control-Alt-F# I've done this occasionally, but it's not pretty.

Here's a kind of funny lesson on outsourcing. Am amusing thought -- do U.S. laws'add value' for companies? It's a strange way to think about it.. ugh, I hopeI'm not going to end up in an afterlife of doing marketing for this :)The articles on this seem to disagree over whether it is back pay ora raise that the Pakistani worker was demanding. Does it make a difference?

I'm still chewing on the Liberal Convent.. I'll spit something out soon.Some interesting things that can be evaluated once I have more to say onit: Does Stanley Fish violate it? Do log cabin republicans violate theconservative side? It seems that American Zionists violate both sides aswell, as do their Palestinian-Nationalist counterparts. Where do people fitin politics, outside these borders?

I'm also aiming to tackle the question of media bias in the news.

Oh, gator is suing people forcalling their software spyware. They apparently want to be able tosupply a legal definition of spyware to the legal community that's wayout there, so they can sue for libel. Umm.. yeah.

I've been improving my email and usenet moderation software to bothunescape-code and chop HTML before applying filters. An easy changehas vastly improved the effectiveness of my existing filters.

Looks like talks have broken down again in Ireland. One good thing about this conflictis that at least we get to hear the funny things they call each other.My favourite quote:"Their new slogan should not be 'Simply British'. I think it should be replaced by 'Simply Stupid"' -- Peter Robinson, of Ulster Parliament.

Hmm.. chances are, I'm going to go home, get some sleep, and come back towork later tonight after I finish with these classes.

Tags: philosophy, tech

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