Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Charging, 5%, 06:13:46 until charged

Hopefully by the time you read this I will either be asleep orhave gotten some. Having turned in my two papers, and made it throughall that, I decided to come home early, get some sleep, and go to workfully charged to try to wrap up my big project, or come close enoughthat I can finish it tomorrow.

I've been having strange, random thoughts later on in the day from my lastentry.. a classmate was playing with the rotatable armrest on his desk,and I was drawn into an imagery of it somehow being a thing kings do,with a royal chair with rotatable armrests, and all the courtisans aroundwould just rotate their arms to imitate what the king was doing with thechair, indicating that although they were not noble enough to actually havea royal chair, they wish they did, and indicated their desire by paleimitation. At least, that's the best I can describe that particular thoughts.I'm now having them fairly often, and that's why it's a good thing I'm at homein bed now about to nod off. Actually, in this case it's also helpful that Ican type with my eyes closed and my head turned to the side, lying on apillow, popping up every once in awhile to go back and hit enter where I needto. Anyhow, yeah, most of these odd thoughts are considerably less sensicalthan the royal chair, more than sensations, but less than explicable. Oh,there's another one, the impression of an inside of a ping-pong ball, withshiny black plastic attached to the edges and coming towards us.. we'reinside.. and it's only kind of like a ping-pong ball -- it's bigger, andhas some kind of a glossy look.

Yes, time to Zzzz.


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