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Stoop and Purr

"He trusts you. He'll even let you hurt him, because he loves youso much". So it was said, about my cat Wally. He seems to reallyenjoy scooting up to me while I read or program, and stretch hisneck over my wrist, and fall asleep like that. It's kind of nice.Although he doesn't tend to stay there, I like putting him on myback while I program.

Politics..The senate appears not to be dancing along to BushJr's Goose-Step.The whiny ex-Cubans, who most politicians are eager to court, at least on anational level, are naturally much less powerful outside of the nationalarena and florida, and the rest of the country is actually taking steps toput an end to the blockade, moving in the completely opposite directionof BushJr (pretzels be unto him). On that front, I need to start reading afew more online non-american newspapers -- I'm curious as to what exactlyis going on WRT Castro. I read the Moscow Times to track russia (although it's westerner-run..), which isalways interesting, and Al Jazeera, to get another interesting viewpointon the world. The UN News Service is another good source of info that'sfairly non-America centric. I probably should read BBCNews.. and althoughI occasionally read the People's Daily (China's national newspaper), Idon't do it as often as I might. Actually, I tend to get pretty dirty looks,reading some of these at the Coffeeshop -- Taiwanese and South Korean peopletend to not like seeing the People's Daily on my screen, Hebrews tend todislike seeing Al Jazeera (no surprise -- there's a form of mild racism that'saccepted in both communities), and random americans tend to dislike seeing theMoscow Times. I occasionally read the Jerusalem Post, but it very much is Al Jazeera's counterpart.. For a brief time, I was reading the Le .. no, the *sigh*St Petersberg Times, but I get irritated enough at the name change thatI don't really visit there anymore.. While finding the URL to it again though,I found this funny story about Gorby.Anyhow, I wish I knew more languages so I could read the non-english papers..I can kind of read the Frankfurter Allgemeine, butit doesn't give me much additional stuff beyond the BBC News..

The Labour Party in Britain continues to have problems holding together.Galloway, who represented Glasgow in Parliament, got the boot fromBlair. However, this might end up hurting Labour more than expected --Galloway is popular, and will likely run as independant. At a time whenleftists inside the Labour party (which is pretty fat, when it comes to thespan of opinions it covers) are already dissatisfied with Blair, it mightactual lead to a split of the party, or at least destabilize Blair, whichwould be a good thing (in my eyes). One of the more interesting reasonsBlair put for kicking out Galloway is suggesting that foreigners resist theAmerican/British invasion, with an interesting quote:

George Galloway incited foreign forces to rise up against British troopsat a time when they were risking their lives

I find this interesting to chew on -- it's an interesting point on the issueof treason and national loyalty. Of course, the opposing forces were riskingtheir lives, but from the stated viewpoint, when one's country's lives are onthe line, one has the duty to cease to act as an independant moral agent and,if not rallying the forces that happen to be of the country one is in, thento be silent. Or am I missing the point somehow? If I felt strongly enoughthat the United States were acting villainously, I would be happy to do whatI could to sabotage the American efforts. It is better to be a good personthan a patriot. I'll go further, and say that there's nothing particularlygood about being a patriot in the first place.

The press is making a big deal over the Florida euthanasia case, but I findit profoundly uninteresting (but I'm still writing about it in my BLOG,make of that what you will) -- although I'd like the doctors involved to havecomplete discretion when the person does not provide adequate statement oftheir wishes in terminal cases, I don't really feel very strongly about thedefaults there, so long as they can be overridden with a "living will" orsomething similar. In my opinion, if you haven't gone through the trouble tofill in a form to decide these things, it leaves you with not that muchstanding to complain about how things should be for everyone.

I'll be debating some people from Cross-Seekers at some point, I think. I don't know much moreyet, but it'll be fun. If I wern't opposed to their ends, I'd offer to helpthem redesign their website :) It needs some work...

Irritating -- ogg123 on linux will play multiple listed files, but NOT IN THEORDER YOU PROVIDE IT. More incentive for me to keep improving my mpg123/ogg123wrapper scripts...

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