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Pat Gunn


I have a very nasty migraine today. It feels like someone is squeezing mybrain while mixing in shards of glass, or something. Ouch. Every few weeks,I have a day where I wake up with one of these, and it generally hangs aroundfor the entire day. Surprisingly, the sensations disappear almost completelywhen I close my eyes.

Some reflections on OpenOffice 1.1. For those ofyou who don't know of it, it's a free office suite for Windows and Linux(there's also a MacOSX version that's a bit behind, versionwise). I used 1.0some time back, and found it to be completely horrible -- 1.0 was really slow,had inconsistant menus, and always felt like it was going to crash, with oddpauses in the interface all the time.. Actually, that's the primary factor,I think, behind a 'sixth sense' geeks get about computers -- when a piece ofsoftware has its pauses in certain patterns, it's a good sign that it's aboutto SYS3175, or dump core, or BSOD, or summon Dr Watson, or bomb, or whateveris appropriate for the OS at hand. Hmm... it's funny though, since Apple's goneto OSX, I haven't seen anything similar to the old bombs and stuff that MacOSused to get. But I digress.. doubly... OpenOffice 1.1 is much improved. It nolonger is slow (although it's by no means fast), and it has some really neatnew features (save to PDF is my favourite). It's rare that I need office tools,but for a paper, someone wanted it in a particular font with particular layoutrules, and so writing it in HTML wasn't really an option. In those circumstances,I tend to use AbiWord, a much smaller opensource word processor, but in thiscase, I was curious about the new openoffice...

There was what promised to be a really interesting talk yesterday on howGoogle lays out its shared filesystem..I missed it to go to class. So much cool stuff on campus, so little time.And it all does seem to conflict with either classes (which I take care notto miss too much of) or work (which is generally more flexible).

Ugh, stupid migraine. I should probably be at home, in bed, with an ice packon my head (for comfort, mainly). Oh well.

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