Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Retirement at dawn

My computer room is a little bit emptier. Forrester, my 21164 (Alpha), aftermany years of service, just went into its retirement. I was going to retireholly as well, but I realized that I have some games on holly that, as ofpresent, don't play nice with the beta versions of Linux I'm running on mylaptop, so holly will stay up, for now. While packing up forrester, the KVM thattied holly and forrester together, and various other pieces of hardware, I alsograbbed kryten and put it away. Unlike forrester, kryten was actually essentiallydead -- it suffered a disk failure some time ago. My computer room feels a bitemptier.. although once I get holly packed up, and it's just torgo (my NFS server)left in here, I can try to think of a new use for the room. It might make a nicepseudo-greenhouse, if I can find a way to seal off the carpet so the moisturewouldn't ruin it. Alternatively, it could make for a smallish guest room.

The furor about Bitkeeper continues. Linus said some very stupid things, and shows thathe really doesn't understand the problems. In response to Andrea's complaintthat, by using bitkeeper for kernel things, the kernel developers who do arelicence-required not to put any work towards version management software of anykind, limiting their freedom, Linus's response is that the only reason Andreais pushing non-restrictive software like arch is that he's friends with thedevelopers. Sure, Linus, dismiss the restrictive licenses as being religion.and watch while the businesses take advantage of your inability to see thebig picture to continue to add bar after bar to your environment until yourhome is a prison. You already made a show out of not becoming bound by SCO'sNDAs by refusing to get too close to their spurious claims, but then you happilygive Larry McVoy power over what kind of software you can work on, and as theleader of one of the most important open source projects, you drag all the otherkernel developers, more or less, in the same direction. Maybe bitkeeper reallyis the best thing since sliced meat .. er.. cheese (don't want to blasphemein the church of veggie .. hehe), but it's commercial, and more restrictive thanmost commercial software too. It's time to start listening to all the people whoare sending you you've messed up, and fix things, or eventually you'll be lookingat a kernel fork.

I found that the Conan O'Brien show put up their Triumph the Insult Comic Dogvideos for viewing. Cool! I do want to find a way to download them though --these are streaming versions.

Chewing on it, I think that an analysis of the liberal and convervative conventscould be big enough to be an entire section of my site (which I really needto sync with my development version sometime). It's a complex and interestingtopic that I'd prefer doesn't get silently scooped into the archives of myBLOG.

Speaking of which, I'm currently chewing on how to improve the interface onthis thing. Maybe a sidebar to the left would be nice... Only one person hasmade an account on my BLOG so far, and no comments have been made yet, apartfrom mine. I do like being able to leave comments for myself, but maybe theaccount-making process, with the email requirement, is a bit onerous. I couldredesign it to drop it off in the user part of the database, and add a flagfor 'approved' versus 'nonapproved'... that might be the way to go.If any of you out there have suggestions for how the BLOG could be better,featurewise or presentationwise, let me know.

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