Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The joys of shopping around

I've been wanting a GPS for some time now, partly to geocache, partly toavoid getting lost (although I never really seem to drive anymore -- lastnight's trip to get some sorely needed groceries was the first time I'veused my car in over a week). I finally decided that, as I'm going to get itanyhow, and it'll be another inspiration to go hiking to new and fun placesin the awesome park system around town, I was going to get one today. So, Ilook at the stuff they have at some local sporting goods stores. Bleh, nothingreally seemed to catch my eye, but someone suggests I look at Magellan'sMeridian Colour GPS. Looks really cool, but oy, the price. I want to geocache, anda colour device really would be a lot nicer than a black'n'white, but $500 istoo much. I start poking around for alternative units, but don't see anythingI like... and's sponsored items page really doesn't have muchin the way of good deals.. I'm sure the devices they recommend are nice, butI'd prefer to have the savings sitting in my credit union account gatheringinterest.. so eventually I go to, andthey point me at some places that have it for considerably less (over a 30%cost difference). The particular place I got it from had free shipping as well..all this is why it's a good idea to shop around, even when you're impulse buying.It is interesting though, that the online stores tend to share an absolutebottom price they'll share it for, no matter what the venue or if they're listedtogether somewhere. I wonder if this is literally their cost for the item(meaning that they make their profits selling something else) or if there's someunspoken or perhaps manufacturer-mandated minimum price they can sell it at.Someone at work is buying a digital camera soon, and he's been borrowing mineto play around with it. I probably should point him at pricewatch too.

Anyhow, it should arrive next week. I'm off to take a nice walk, and thenlikely to the coffeeshop to get some stuff for work done, and finally a nicegeekfest with the Zets to end the day.

Oh, the funniest IM away message I've ever seen, I saw today:"I am not available because I am playing a computer game that takes up the whole screen."

Finally, an interesting social datapoint on Saudi society.


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