Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The eternal quiet of abandoned days

And we're here. An enormous amount of energy, engineering, and time, andwe've actually breached the barriers of time, not just breached, butreshaped, to make habitable what would be unusable, a corridor where therewas a line. Years ago, an office building, a path not taken, empty, a momentin that time, unused, we claim it, and stretch that moment out to centuries.Since understanding the machinery of the cosmos, and that, like a machine,it does speculative branching, and leaves the stubs, our kind has left thehomeworld, to flee those that make our research illegal. Into space, underthe surface of the dark side of Luna, or, in our case, towards Sol, lost inthe vastness of space. All our efforts, all to capture a moment here, anhour there. Imagine the irony, in escaping the backwards theocrats that accuseus of playing god, we have, in a sense, their world headquarters in whichto raise our society. We continue to weave time as best we can, and sincemoving in, have almost doubled the strength of the effect, but it's not acertain thing what will happen to us if/when we hit the end of the timebranch we've inserted ourselves into. Perhaps we'll simply stop, all ourtransitions to/from the trunk of the tree of time ended at that moment, orperhaps, by being here, we're forcing this branch to continue. If the secondis true, we predict a gradient of transition barrier strength, and we're puttinga number of our resources to tracking this. Some of our more theoretical researchsuggests that we may be able to force a loop, either way, between this branchand the trunk, and although that seems very strange (it would be ambiguoushow the spatial overlaps would resolve, unless we could cause the areas toswap (which has its own difficulties)), it's certainly research worth lookinginto. We hope to eventually build cellular devices that can be built into thebody and manipulate time -- the power management challenges are formidable,but the idea of being truly at home in the deep folds of the universe in whichwe now live is one that sustains us.

So, some thoughts about compulsive blogging, or at least frequent blogging,which I do ... why do I do it? In a sense, it helps me feel more real, aswithout people to see me regularly, it somehow keeps my life real, in a sense.Again, those social needs that we cannot deny, the need to somehow feel partof a pack.. the feeling of meaninglessness if we don't have our days matterto someone else.
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An old couple sat together near the fire, in their lodge. Laura said toJim, if you had it all to do over again, keeping what you know now, wouldyou try something different? I love you, and give us all of what remains ofmy life, but in those circumstances, I would want to try something new, forthe variety of it. Jim prodded at the firewood, thinking.

Recently, some strange old videogame music popped into my head, and it tookme awhile to place it. It's interesting how they, with the limited hardwarethey had available to them, often created music that was more interesting thanwhat's suggested when composing for a richer medium, like a CD. This isn'tunheard of -- often the need to stay in a particular style, e.g. the traditionalrhythms in Hindi music, can provide the structure for a creative task that wouldbe hard to create from the ground up. For those curious, it's from Zelda2, themusic for the final temple. You can dig for it here.

I actually fell asleep last night while writing the entry, so this entry spansseveral hours of sleep (it's now 10:32 the next morn). Last night's geekmovie night went well. The movie, Henry V, was surprisingly good (although thethick accents made it a bit tough to understand what the foo was going on),and the main character actually reminds me a bit, appearance-wise, of anIsraeli coworker. We had pizza, and after the movie, chatted over tea anddelicious ... hmm... crosses between cake and brownies.

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Finally, in the "thank you for sharing" spirit, last night, after I got home,I took a big drink of grape juice, and for some reason, some of it went downthe wrong pipe. Result? I immediately started to choke, put down the container,and coughed like I was mount vesuvius, spraying grape juice all over thekitchen. I'm glad I had a lot of paper towels :)

Well, I think I'm going to take a nice walk before I get all cleaned up andready to do whatever I do today. Yesterday's walks were nice, and I stopped bya used bookseller in town.. today, it's all parks. Huzzah.

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