Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

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I'm majorly frustrated.. it seems that whenever I talk politics, I always getblasted by both sides on the interesting issues... Depending on who you talkto, I'm either part of the Jewish Conspiracy or a rabid anti-semite, asupporter of babykillers or a taker away of women's right to choose, a scaryconservative or a way out there liberal. I just can't win. I always take upthese nuanced positions, and get blasted by both sides. But just keep yourmouth shut, I hear you say. Nonsense. I like people who talk politics, and thereare a lot of people like that out there.. I just wish there was more variety inthe opinions, more people with nuanced positions, instead of the vast majoritybeing all the way on one side. But no, almost all the Zionists I bump intojust have that automatic devotion to Israel and Hebrews as a group, and anythingthat advances that is kosher. Almost all the others I bump into think thePalestinians can do no wrong, and write their blank checks for that group.And, like in BushJr land, I'm either for you or against you. Wonderful.And it's the same thing on Abortion, although at least there, as most peoplehave conservative or liberal friends, and it's pretty recognized that thedifferences are foundational, people generally don't talk about it. Argh!

The joys of Christianity -- the gay pastor guy needs bodyguards.Yup, people care THAT MUCH that, to make the whole mess go away, they're sendinghim death threats.

I do find it amusing that Wolfowitz's hotel was attacked while he was in Iraqto talk about how things have gotten back to normal. It seems like he andRumsfeld are proving to be good accidental doses of reality countering BushJr'sBS.

Here's my list of sites to visit when I get the time:Butterflies and WheelsPolitical CompassSetting self on fireDailyConfession

Of course, by my calculations, I now have enough material on my laptop, withouteven requiring the internet, to keep me entertained and busy for at least 5years. Books, music, programming projects, scientific papers, video game ROMS,you name it, I've got it. I really would like to find a place far away fromcivilization, yet with a plug to hook my laptop in, so I could take my tent outthere every so often.... *sigh*

My plans... on Friday, I'll probably head to Columbus, visit with all thepeople I want to visit with (I'll be insanely busy!! So many people..), andmaybe go to outland... than on saturday, I'll be off to Athens, to (hopefully)visit with another friend, and attend the Hallow's Eve parade there. Dependingon the timing and my tiredness, I'll either return to Pgh that evening or finda place to stay there. The weekend after? Maybe that'll be my New York trip.If it is, I might try to take some days off on the border so I can stay longer.I wonder if I can find someone to go with me.

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