Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sands on the beach

A house divided cannot stand,but neither can its opposite, also being a house.The wind is capricious only on the small scale,law is just a bigger chaos.

The last whispers of a brotherhood almost gone cry,but they never could claim me, despite the birthright.They fear nonexistence, the patterns fear the free-fall,without instance, they must sleep.

I look into the stone circle, see the trap that could've been minesit, in this sanitized virtual reality, on the rubble of the family castle.look back, across a chasm of short feet and long gray hair,at the gap I left, all the fine details, the threads winding withoutmy signature knots and bows. Look, I've untied the gordion knot,simply by not being there.

The gaijin of distant times, their barriers were in other peoples' minds.I bear my cardboard barriers with me.

Some snippets:I agree with BushJr on this one...How cool is this?!

I've decided to visit Columbus again this weekend, before I do the Athensparade thing. Hurrah.


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