Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
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News Forecast

Some time ago, someone sent me a link to a national anthems site, andI snagged a few of them. Some thoughts...

The Belgian national anthem, sorry to all you Belgians out there, soundslike perfect music for a news forecast.. you know, the kind where theyplay a few bars in the foreground, and then soften it so people can talkover it. Still, at least theirs is better than the American national anthem,which is pretty lame. The Mexican national anthem, or at least the versionthere, is actually pretty irritating. Their rendition of the Japanese nationalanthem is pretty good, and their rendition of Hatikvah, the Israeli anthem ishauntingly memorable. The Mongolian national anthem, which I had (probably)never heard before, is also pretty, inspiring imagery of a survey of a naturepreserve. Their russian national anthem rendition is inferior to that producedby the red army choir, so I didn't keep that. I found the Palestinian nationalanthem elsewhere, and it's totally lame, basically a bunch of people shouting.North Korea and China have beautiful anthems (although I've heard betterrenditions elsewhere of the Chinese national anthem). The Australian nationalanthem was irritatingly overlaid with some text, but it had a kind of Gaelicsound to it... with a bit of googling, I found the reason -- the Australiannational anthem was written by a Scotsman from Glasgow. Their renditionof "God Save the Queen" was pretty poor, and I don't like the south koreannational anthem too much. Their rendition of the German national anthem ispretty poor, but the Vatican national anthem, which I had not heard before, isactually pretty nice.. it has kind of a measured, intellectual feel to it.Cuba's national anthem had kind of a circus feel to it...

Sometimes, conversations happen that simply make one's week. W00t!And then, it's time to close one's eyes.

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