Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Teaming up with Chamomile

For me, every cup of tea is a gamble, will it be a pleasing taste? Away to wake up? An invitation for the sands to wash over me? For the lastfew days, I've been reaching out, over the internet, to Columbus, my landof the setting sun... It's 2003 here... is it 1999 where you are?The land may grow every year, but if you beat on the ground with yourhands, seeking a banana, perhaps you'll fall through, and see what was there.You know, if you look up while you're down there, you won't see my concernedface looking through the hole. Time hesitatingly decided not to keep mewaiting, and so I was allowed to leave my frozen solitude. I have an appointmentwith a tired Titan at the edge of the world to keep. It's all about professionalcourtesy that I'm a Wizard here. I wish I could take you with me, but that'sthe difference between courtesy and authority.

The horse waited at the edge of the lake, watching tiny arcs of electricitysizzling through the thick fog, feeling the wandering fingers bridge the airand occasionally provide a light touch. A wandering phrase... "You know it'snow or never, to say hello to forever".. and it slowly walks forward, intothe water, the electricity embracing it, as it began to twitch.

I've been doing well in school, I think -- I got back my psych midterm,and was pleased to see my grade on it. I guess I can still produce good stuffwhen I'm barely clinging to awakeness (talking about the take-home part). Ihope the other stuff works out similarly.

I bumped into an old friend online today, who reminded me of Watershed, areally good band in Columbus I went to a concert of, and got one of theirCDs. I suggested Firewater to him, he suggested a few other bands I mightlike. I'm going to get this friday off at work, swapping it for another time,so I'll have time to visit more people in Columbus without them all collidingwith each other. I just hope I can find diplomatic ways to keep the people Iwant to visit individually from being bugged that I want to spend time visitingalone with others, in groups or individuals. There are simply some conversationsand visitings that work best alone. Speaking of which, there are some people Idon't have phone numbers for. In case you read this, John, Aug, Dubin, Lorie,Gaelynn, and, of course, my sisters, I have your phone numbers, and hope tobump into you. JoeH and Amanda, I'll hopefully see you in Athens. Dawon, Tim,Adam, Tom, and anyone else I've forgotten, I'll try to track you down, butfor many of you I lack contact information.

Some interesting commentary on trying to understand things one dislikes.I've experienced the same thing in many different forms, going against thepublic desire to simplify things that are to be opposed as inexplicable andinsane.

A friend pointed me at this. It immediately reminded me ofthe stuff that is jwz -- flamboyant whining.It also reminds me of the programmer's phrase...For every engineering problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.There are (at least) three problems with just tacking another wheel on thefront of a segway, immediately obvious to a geeky type who's actually had thejoy of riding one..

1) It will fall over, when going up or down hills2) Even if it doesn't, you'll fall off3) It can't turn

The segway, although it's not obvious to people who haven't been on one, canhandle hills. It has just 2 wheels, and so is a lot like feet. Any sufficientlysmooth surface, it can scale, just using the appropriate part of the wheel,and its sophisticated control over the motors. When you add a third wheel,using it for support, the system isn't balancing anymore, it's suspended overthe three wheels, and because of its small footprint and suddenly staticcenter of balance, it can't do hills. Remember how easy it is to tumble atricycle? Even if it could do hills, through some engineering miracle, thepart you stand on would tilt with the hill, instead of, as it currently does,keeping flat. You'd likely fall off. Finally, and this is the biggest issue,turning on a tricycle segway would be a pain in the butt. The picture providedstupidly doesn't allow the front wheel to turn at all in the needed way,meaning that only the slight turn possible in its housing will be possible,meaning the turning radius will be huge. So, let's imagine that it's allowed toturn. Well, it still has a turning radius, and suddenly we need a way tocontrol that turn, and need to wait for it to straighten out before we can goforward when we want to. Sure, a motorized tricycle might be cool, but it'snot much like a segway, which, apart from unusual circumstances, is asmaneuverable as a person walking.

"I wish I could say she brought out my bestBut I couldn't stop screwing upWhen she was around.. took me for granted"" -- Watershed - Anniversary (they do have this song as a free download there, BTW)

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