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Satyre and Dry-Ads

This was a most eventful weekend... a trip home, and a trip home.I went to Columbus, and .. well, things did not go according to plan.Right before I went, my GPS came in. It's really cool, and GeoCachingwith it will be a lot of fun. It actually has some pretty decent mapspreloaded (it knew about Brecksville, the little townmy parents have settled in, not far from Cleveland). However, although it'sgood with highways, it lacks most local streets. They sell a CD with street-level maps for$149, but I'm unlikely to get that.. :) I might borrow it from someone, orsee if I can get the publically available data to work. Unfortunately, the thingeats batteries very quickly. I'm glad I'm back -- using it with rechargablesshould fix the problem. Anyhow, back to the narrative.. I hopped back in mycar (having made a special trip back to work to get the GPS), and hopped on thehighway going west. The trip was uneventful -- some new music I got made itless dull than usual, and my anticipation of SFF gave me impetus to get therein a hurry. I soon reached Columbus, very much enjoying watching my GPS mapthe entire way there, and made a mad dash for the building where SFF had beenmeeting for an hour. SFF was enjoyable -- a lot of new faces, a few old ones...Martha was there, and told a ghost story.. I finally confirmed my suspicion,on this trip, that there's nothing unusual left between us -- it wasn't reallyweird at all for me.

After the meeting, we went out to eat, and then some ofus went to hang out at someone's house, and then, much later, out for more food.It was on the way to the hanging out that the first major snafu of the weekendstruck -- my car became very ill, spitting out foul smoke and making bad noises.We pulled it to the side of the road near a member of the party's house, andgot a ride to continue the night's events. I also hung out with Gaelynn, areally cute/smart girl from SFF I've occasionally been chatting with via IM,and exchanged some music with her. The next day, I returned to my car,had it towed to Fnord, and then got a rideback to campus, thanks to Aug (thanks, Aug! Wish we had had more time to hang out)..I visited some professors and ex-co-workers, and then some plans for theevening were changed, so I ended up walking around Columbus for about 5hours. - This was once InsomniaI eventually called Dubin, and hung out at his place for a bit, andnapped. I woke up just in time to go to outland, and ended up biking there..It was a good visit, and on the way back, I had an interesting experience.The next morning, we did breckfast, and Martha showed up -- there was agathering for the funeral of Larry Reyka, an important person in the humanistmovement that a lot of people in the local movement who knew him went to.I went and visited with Lorie, having good Indian food and chatting for awhileat a coffeeshop. After that, I went to visit with my sisters. Up until thispoint, I was planning to Greyhound home, but my mom suggested that if I couldmake it back to Brecksville, I could borrow one of the spare cars. When I madeit there, I hung out briefly with Katie, and then Andrea drove me up. It was afun ride -- we had a good chance to talk (something which I really don't get todo very often with my sisters), and I shared some music on my laptop with her.Being home was pretty good.. I always seem to sleep very well there, andcaught up on a lot of the sleep that I didn't get in Columbus, for one reasonor another. I also got to taste some of my mom's latest cooking experiments,and hang out with Lindsay. We played Gamecube for a bit (she brought Pikminand Simpsons Road Rage, both of which were a lot of fun). A few hours ago,the time came when I couldn't put off leaving any further (if I wanted to gethome at a reasonable hour), so I hopped in the spare car, put on some musicthat I got from a friend on this trip, and went home.

So, in sum,I didn't go to Athens for the Halloween parade. Amanda wasn't there anyhow --she was on a trip that was unexpectedly delayed. My car is currently ill, andin Columbus being repaired. I'm borrowing a spare car from my family, andsometime, perhaps next weekend, I'll likely be returning to Columbus to getmy car back (unless I can convince my sisters to drive here, and drive itback.. which might be fun -- they could see my new place and we could visitIKEA and stuff). There're two somethings I'm not telling you about the trip,with various details removed. Sorry. I'm going to detail the stuff below,in a private section, as this journal is partly for me, and partly for ..heh.. my public. I like that phrase.

(section not shown)

So, half-asleep Pat types, let's look quickly at our remaining thoughts..First, I noticed at the toll station I passed getting back into Pennsylvania,the teller called me "Sir". I've chewed on what the word means in modernAmerican English, at least in common usage, and I've come to the conclusionthat it's meant to suggest a seperation between the people speaking. Theseperation isn't necessarily in class, but rather is a clear indicator thatno friendly or personal contact is intended, and that things are strictly'business'. I find this idea strangely fascinating.

The Episcopals have finished with the arguing over the appointment ofGene Robinson as Bishop, and have finally done it. I've talked about thisbefore, so I'm just noting the conclusion, for now, on the matter.

Here's an interview with some celtic pagans in theHighlands of Scotland. If you're into Gaelic, apparently the BBC isthe place for you .. :)I stumbled on the previous two links looking for an interesting telling ofthe episcopal story for you to read..

It looks like the big fires in California are beginning to quiet down, althoughsome people are suggesting that human stupidity might play apart in how big the effect was. It wouldn't surprise me.. My dad mentioned thatin his most recent business trip to Brazil, on the airplane they flew overhuge forest fires in the sparsely-settled western areas of the country, andsomeone explained that as it's largely unsettled land, much of it unexplored,nature takes its course as it sees fit, with the fires unmanaged. There'ssomething interesting about that -- I've heard that the efforts to fight forestfires generally tend to just set the stage for big ones, and that the periodicrandom fires tend to be less destructive when they're not interfered with.Of course, it's hard for civilized people to accept that, either psychologicallyor economically -- we feel a need to control our environment, and also tend toneed to keep external influences to a minimum so we can sue things that stepinto the middle of our finely-laid plans.

My cat is sure happy to see me. *snuggle*Oh, finally, if you're a computer geek, you might want to know that thereare new versions of GAIM, a totally kickass IM client thattalks ICQ/AIM/Yahoo/etc, and Apache. Time to upgrade.

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