Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Damning drops of water, or trial of leaves

The title?I'm not sure which -- was going to use trial of leaves for last night's entry, butI was falling asleep while writing it.

Overhead at the Coffee Tree last night:Person1: I think Arnold's really a DemocratPerson2: No, I think he's actually a celebrity

Last night's trip to Coffee Tree was pretty fun, and decently productive --did some stuff for work, and I'm starting to work on ways to use tables tomake my BLOG more attractive. I want it to have a sidebar as well as a menuacross the top, but doing that nicely and making it work well with Linksand at least readable with Lynx is challenging.Eventually some friends came along, and someone happened to have someanime -- SD Gundam, on a CD-R, so we watched 5 (very funny) episodes.After that, I put on one of the episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force I have, and thenit turned out they had a funny Simpsons episode on them. It was fun, watchingmovies sitting at a table at coffee tree.. I hope I can go hiking with them thiscoming weekend -- it all depends on when my car gets done.

More thoughts on the paper I mentioned last night -- it attempts to reseatthe process of scientific discovery, and all the terms in that framework, onthe ground of computational theory. It has some things that I'm not sure I'mclear on -- the way some things work out (such as how incomputability preventsthe actual confirmation, and the groundedness of his notion of convergence)make the framework a bit less novel than I initially thought, but itremains rather novel, and I get the feeling I don't quite understand all thedetails yet. When I get the time to reread it, and other papers he's writtenin the same experimental philosophy, things will hopefully clear up.

Last night, I also had an interesting discussion on the philosophy behindmathematics. It was, in a sense, a cousin to another discussion yesterdaywith my Philosophy professor after class, on the different schools of thoughtregarding whether anything is truly a priori in the strong sense.

I'm going to try to schedule an appointment with my Doctor soon -- every timeI eat, I come close to falling asleep about 45 minutes later, and it's gettingreally old.

Some blurbs...It's a fad! Everyone loves to declare their enemies to be terrorists.In this case, just call them ubercapitalists, people who would sell their friendsand family for the right price, who look at natural parks and see lumber and ore,people who think the market does everything worth doing, and anything else isn'tworth doing.

Apparently seatbelts are in order for the chairs at some research institutions.Seriously though, the article is really interesting in two ways.. first, that heartand circulatory damage can be undone so rapidly, and secondly that there's now adrug form of HDL that can be used to introduce these effects.

I'm always a bit skeptical of Al Jazeera on this topic -- they're reporting thatPalestinian olive groves are being destroyed by settlers. It's a bloody shame.It seems a lot of the tension in the area would be relieved if the settlers werejust reigned in, one way or another. When legitimate sources of income and ways oflife are destroyed, what can one expect of what's left? I suspect many of thesettlers are the racial purity types though..

On that topic, I find this commentary on the Katikvah (Israeli nat'l anthem) interesting.I find myself disagreeing with pretty much all aspects of the Rabbi's analysis.He calls it unsingable, while I have a very nice MP3 of people singing it, and havesung along to it (along with most other songs I like on my computer). He says thatthe language isn't part of the Israeli 'new hebrew', and while that might be true,I don't see that as a problem. He comments that it's in the Ashkenazi form, and soundsnot Sephardi enough. Again, so what? Finally, he says it's not even Jewish music.It's been part of the history for at least a hundred years.. what more could theywant? Would it even be a problem if it were a truly foreign song? It seems likethe Rabbi has a serious case of NIH.

It's interesting, how the Saudis are in a prime position to deal with thehardline terrorists -- they're almost certainly going to be at Mecca for Ramadan,and if they can be picked out from the masses, as in this particular article, they'rewithin easy grabbing range.

The system I mentioned before, allowing Windows NDIS drivers to be wrapped for use onLinux, actually works rather well. Kudos to Linuxant. It's a bit quirky -- I needto run some stuff before I can bring up the network, and its selection of accesspoints seems to be fragile -- I can't connect to my AP at home (although I haven'ttroubleshot that at all yet). Reception is a lot better than the PCMCIA card I havethough..

I'm not sure who these folks are trying to impress.If anything, I find that more irritating than vanilla Xians. You can't eat yourcake and have it too :)

I think it's about time I have some scheduled maintenance for my apartment,my mozilla bookmarks, and my mental state of being. I need to clean...Within the next few days, I imagine.

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