Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Gong and Whispers

Watershed's music is hitting a little too close to home for me recently..
(section not shown)

I finally figured out why my home network's ethernet wasn't working -- I wasexperimenting with MAC address restrictions, and temporarily had my wirelessnetwork only letting the PCMCIA card's MAC address to talk. Naturally, mylaptop's long-unused builtin wireless has a different MAC address, andapparently the way the driver works is that it won't even accept anessid unless/until it can talk to the AP. So, I have wireless off of my ownsetup again.

See the U.S. whine when their tarriffs are met with the same from the E.U.This is pretty cool.

Hmm.. I have more to say, but not now.. check this out though.

I'm glad my cat Wally is here for me.


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