Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dissection Tray

Launching missles to keep world peace? My coordinates are40 degrees, 25'57 North,79 degrees, 55'43 West

It looks like Dean has another feather in his cap -- a big union.The article suggests that it's Dean's unwillingness to mince words that'sgetting Liberals all fired up. That reminds me -- I need to register to vote.I just hope Dean doesn't team up with Lieberman or that military guy.

This article is just amusing because of the headline.Saudi police shoot dead militant in RiyadhYeah, that's a waste of bullets. Isn't it more useful to use bullets on livepeople? Did they need to dig the militant out of a grave? I can't stand thatphrase "shoot dead" -- try "shot and killed", or perhaps "shot to death".

This is a story about someone whose eyes I can't see through, but I want to (forunderstanding purposes, obviously). Gary Ridgway admitted to 48 murders, andthinks he may have killed more, he can't remember. Apparently, he targetedprostitutes because he hates them. However, his semen was found in the bodies,so apparently he had sex with some of them anyhow. I'm tempted to consider thisto be the result of extreme sexual repression, perhaps similar to the problemsthe Roman Catholic church has had with a few of their clergy. Although it liesoutside the cognitive focus of psychology I'll want to become a grad student,I might take some classes relevant to this issue eventually.

The bike ride was a bit short -- my biking companion's bike was ill..Had a brief conversation w/ someone I don't hear from very often,touched on music, in particular, the topic of hearing potential in badrenditions of music... My claim: hearing a bad rendition of a good songis distinguishable from hearing a bad rendition of a bad song.I've recently found myself liking the band "Flogging Molly" -- a new infusionof songs can do that. Gael-Punk is an odd mix, but it works well. It'd beinteresting to hear it actually sung in Gaelic, although of course I couldn'tunderstand a word :)

And now, back to our scheduled program..


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