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Carried into the air

I realize that the content of my BLOG is boring, but I'm willing to betthat at least my titles are above average! And, after all, that's whatcounts... well, no, maybe not.

I'm not sure if I should be embarassed or think it's very cool -- theefforts to have a robotic receptionist for my building at CMU continue.I've heard that it's supposed to be another big public image thing. I dothink it might be cool, although it is weird seeing the wooden enclosure theybuilt for it up against the thick, strange walls here. That reminds me -- Irecently saw another office for someone in my group -- it's in anothernearby building, and they have windows opposite the entrance and are reallyhigh up. I wish I had something like that -- it'd be great to be able to watchit rain and thunder when the code isn't coming.. For a time I was thinking ofasking to be moved in the opposite direction, down into the lab with all theservers -- they were going to put someone there anyhow, and I figured it'd bemore useful to me to be near the machines... also, then I wouldn't need to dealwith the irritating flourescent lights.. but someone else pointed out thatseveral times a day, people come to ask me Unixy or programming things, so Iguess I'll stick with this office.

Semi-recently, I had the experience with being asked to implement somethingin a way that I think is bad, after failing to convince the other personthat it's better than their preference. It's never fun doing that, especiallywith the hairiness of the code, and when I can't even be satisfied with theresult, but these things happen.. and they happen far less here then theydid in my first job, where ... oh, nevermind.. don't want to get threatenedagain with a lawsuit (hello, Mitch McLeod!).

It looks like the Episcopal issue involves a lot of hardball.This really was kind of predictable -- the conservatives are doing theirvery best to rally right now, while they have a sympathetic political climate..We probably won't hear the end of this one for a looong time.

This article on alternatives to the iPod/iTunes offerings, is interesting.The iPod/iTunes combo is still what I'd recommend to people, be they Windows orMacOSX folk -- the cases he brings up are actually corner cases, and WMA isa bad music format to encourage.

I'm in a slim minority, I think, when I'm happy to see things line this.I think cloning might be a very good idea, I don't buy that the ban isjust going to be until the technology is understood, and I hope thatpeople will violate the hell out of the ban, when they manage toget it in place, until the luddites are screaming in horror. I delightin every twinge they feel as the 'dignity of human reproduction' (cloning),the 'sanctity of the human mind' (AI), and all that mental crud is flushed.

There's some funny stuff here.I wholeheartedly agree with the criticism of BushJr (pretzels be unto him)'smind-bogglingly stupid speech on democracy in the middle east."His treatment of the various governments reflects their policy towardsthe United States. The more you applaud him, the more democratic you are.It's transparent and it's ridiculous." -- Unnamed Arab diplomatexactly.But, that kind of sums up the American president right now.Transparent and ridiculous.

One of my friends in Columbus has something that'sa bit like a webcomic. While I'mon the topic, this is funny.And how about a Go-go-gadget phone?Here's a guy who's approaching things entirely the wrong way.Cousin to the really cool Wikipædia, here's Disinfopædia.It's focused on topical political/funding issues.

Although I have a rough draft of a big paper due next week, I'm going todo my very best to keep this weekend low-stress and relaxing. It's startingwell -- just as I was leaving for lunch, I saw there was a huge amount of IndianFood being catered to a meeting, and there was likely to be enough leftafterwards that I'd be able to get a meal out of it.. and I certainly did.3 plates full of mostly Saag Paneer... I'm still stuffed, but it was verytasty. I would be leaving work right now, but I'm still too stuffed to bike.

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