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Pinstripe Prison

So, my knee really didn't take that fall well. The area still isn'thealed, but it's not bleeding anymore.. but it's somewhat swollen, and usingstairs or my bike is painful. I imagine it'll go down soon... Yesterday,when I woke up, I called to say I wasn't going to the climbing thing, buthe said that the training involved almost no climbing, so I went along..unfortunately, a bunch of girl scouts got there just before we did, andtook up all the spots, so we all went and grabbed food instead. A food tripturned into a long, enjoyable conversation about local culture, religion,the Penn Deutsch (Penn Dutch being a corruption -- they're not Dutch, they'reGerman), and Amish/Mennonites. In a way, I liked it better than the climbing --I'll take good conversation over almost anything else, most of the time.Why, I remember .. oh, hehe.. nevermind :)

Anyhow, I've been working on a paper on Autism for my psych class. I find theillness strangely fascinating. Here's some interesting stuff:NIH Pamphlet, A first-person account, CDC Page on it.That's how I know I'm in a field I can be happy in -- I find the material tobe like gravy.. of course, there are several fields like that.. :)

This is probably as objectionable a thing as I'm likely to link toany time soon. Apparently, people are making swimsuits out of fish skins.It's all part of Time magazine's list of coolest inventions (2003).The biggest innovations in the list appear to be relating to practical storageand management of energy, as well as robotic toys. On the topic of toys, itlooks like Disney is charting the future, and it looks like the style ofcomics my generation grew up with is destined for the rubbish bin. I generallydon't like the 3d look to these things, but I tend to like anime better anyhow,and on the off chance I meet someone and have/adopt kids, I'll try to raise themwith even less TV than I had. I do wonder though, if Disney's move is latchingonto a fad that'll destroy the traditional way of things. Gah, I sound likesuch a conservative saying that :)

Here's someone suing for something stupid. It's a blind woman trying toadopt, who lied on her forms to get artificially inseminated, and isn't beinggiven further services. She claims that the questions shouldn't've been askedanyhow.. apparently they were about the status of her ability to care for achild alone -- she claimed to have had a partner to help out. Why do I thinkshe's wrong? Despite what she says, I think that caring for a child would behampered by being blind, and that it should be within the state'sdiscretion to ensure that children are raised in a safe environment.

This gives me a lot of hope. I indeed grumbled about Clinton when he waspresident, but I assumed that the alternative was someone like Bob Dole, who,though conservative, is not a fundie, and who is intelligent.

I find myself wondering -- is there any consistancy with how Kurdishnationalism is being treated now and before Iraq II? I recall that Kurdishforces were allied with the Americans during the war, but now they'refighting each other. Is it the same forces? Hmm.

U.S. lawmakers continue to shoot their mouth off, in what looks like anattempt to me to piss off the Saudis. In this particular case, they'reclaiming that the Saudis need to 'wake up' to the dangers of terrorism, inresponse to a car bomb. All of this is, naturally, just a few weeks after theyarrested several others, and suffered some other terrorists blowing themselvesup during police action. Sure, senator Hagel of Nebraska, I'm sure you know alot about dealing with extremists in a deeply religious society. I'm sure you'requalified to say that the efforts to apprehend terrorists, especially visiblerecently, in Saudi Arabia amount to being asleep. Heck, let's ship you overthere, and you can join their legislature and do it yourself! I'm sure they'lllove you as you mock their efforts to deal with this stuff that very visiblyhurts their country.

Anyone know anything about these guys? I stumbled on theirsite recently, and will probably head back to visit.

When superstitions go bad..I've grumbled about this before... .. The trend for disposable things isa horrible thing. It encourages waste, and scarce resources go into producingthings that people use for a month or so. If anything, the world needs to findways to use things for longer -- so much 'wealth' is accumulated and ends upin landfills every year. I think the company that makes this should recieve afine for each one that ends up in city trash...

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