Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Statue Made Me Low

In the park, on opposite ends, are statues of a long passedconflict. A long staring contest, with all the distractions in the world.The seasons change, children play, adolescents smoke and drink, studentssit and study, and everyone visits when they grow old, thinking themselvesold friends with the long baked and frozen stone. Since their creation,the statues consider only trees their companions -- they won't investtheir thoughts in you, oh flesh. Conflict, the last guard, those whorefuse to hear that the war is not only ended, it is forgotten. Both of themcontain a doubt, that man is my brother, if only I could give up thisresponsibility, could escape their eyes, and .. could learn to trust..if only... perhaps next century...

I recently have noticed that a lot of 3d-modeled people tend to havea swedish look to them.. I'm not sure why -- maybe it's easier to havefacial variation along certain directions that Swedes are particularlydistinguished from each other in, and the features that we tend to seeas interracial are things where their models would need to be redone..

A fashion I absolutely loathe, and wish it would just disappear:Tank tops with one strap missing.. I'm not a big fan of tank topsin general, but the one strap missing ones, that try to look like a togaor something... hate hate hate.

"You never really got to know me""I never really wanted to"

AAA called me today.. they wanted me to renew, so apparently I did haveAAA coverage, and could've gotten towed to Fnord when my car broke downwithout calling a tow truck. Nice. Anyhow, I told them I'm still researchingalternatives that arn't so pro-SUV-lobbying.. well, at least, I tried. I washalf asleep, and I'm not sure I made sense. Thank you, AAA, for interruptingthe sleep that I was catching up on. Speaking of which, I actually need todo this. Thanks, Jeff, for pointing out that there are alternatives... asalways, if it's a reasonable alternative, then this Earth First guy is goingwith a company that's more sympathetic to the planet :)

I've added a few new things to my Amazon Wishlist.I noticed they have a drop box for "Your Favorite People", and my default is"You". Yay. I'm my favourite person. In an ideal world, that wouldn't be thecase, but I'm trying not to grumble about that anymore :)

Some bozo is using their messageboard thing to sell avon. It justseems wrong.. like a math professor at CMU having an abacus on their desk,except without the quaint charm possible darin..

The wind is blowing rather noisily outside.. it's kind of charming.It's loud enough that I can hear it blowing against the wall...

(section not shown)
Today in PUSH, there was a coolpresentation, an overview of the Mormon faith. We're going to meet up withsome evangelists sometime in the next 2 weeks (not sure about the exact time),and it's good to get a refresher (well, actually, to learn a lot of new stuff --that particular faith isn't something I knew that much about).

I have at least two, maybe three, things to mail out.. actually, maybe 4.Two of them are gifts, one unexpected, third is a netflix movie that I'vebeen meaning to mail back for quite some time, and fourth is .. hmm..there was a fourth.

I'd like to start reading or otherwise have some nice entertainment -- there'sbeen too little of that, and now that I feel reasonably caught up on sleep,it might be nice.. but maybe I should go back to bed and make absolutelycertain that I get out of sleep debt. It's a miserable thing to have, andthese last few weeks, oy!


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