Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dancing with three bodies

I open my eyes, a yellow haze, a corridor, an angel without its halois walking away, reality flickers, as its rapid movement stutters.The could be, but won't..I open my eyes, a green haze, a friend's statue, and a rip in reality,into a secret place.. the past beckons me, and I occasionally feed it.The has been, but isn't..I open my eyes, the orange haze, a crowded room, something that looksa lot like me, outside the system, alien to angel and devil.. and my kin.The could've been, but never was..I open my eyes, the blue haze, the fog is so thick, I can see nothing.A realm of theory and promise, but ultimately empty.The inconcievable, that never could be.Three bodies, move as one, the fourth frozen. How can my movements bevalid for each realm? I mist be careful, and not all the moves availableto me are valid in the frames.

So, on friday, I went to the "Why Students Lose their Faith" presentation,and it was ok. It actually was a decent analysis, but his depiction ofthe atheist/agnostic arguments was oversimplistic. Just for fun, I gavehim some better arguments for his point of view, for some of the pointshe was arguing. It's interesting though -- he really seems to be arguingthat there's a tightrope between literalism and mysticism, both of whichhe argues are killing christianity. He does seem to believe that thelogical arguments are more than just a game.. where to me, I do see themas being essentially a game. I can argue until the cows come home, and it'sbeen a long time since anyone has even mounted a serious challenge to me(hopefully this doesn't come across as being too vain.. but yeah, if anyof you Xians or other theists want to start an argument with me online oroff, if I have the time, I'm game, realtime or via email. We can even postthe discussion in my BLOG if you like), but in the end, I think that it'sjust a distraction, and that there are very simple reasons to not believethat, completely unrelated to all the 'logic', are sufficient and compelling.Religion is the result of insufficiently broad education, thinking to meet emotional needs, and an unwillingness to challenge the inertia in one'slife. Anyhow, I had some really good conversations with people there, andthey seemed impressed to meet someone articulate from my point of view whodidn't get the least bit miffed while we jumped between topics and whilethey tried all their arguments that christians pass between themselves forwhen they happen to meet an atheist. I took some notes from their presentation..

I then biked back to my office, grabbed a gift I made earlier that day, andattempted to get a certain cute person to go to the party (no dice), and bikedover there. It was fun -- lots of good pie (I wish I had been more hungry),fruit punch (happily non-alcoholic), and some really interesting company.I'm not much of a party person, but it went ok, although there was a bit ofinitial unusualness because there were two rather different crowds attending..There were also some .. unusual party goodies handed out.Finally, well after midnight, I got back on my bike, and went home.. I actuallywas half asleep on it, and almost hit someone.. I guess it's possible toactually fall asleep on a bike. Fortunately, almost hitting that person gaveme enough of a shock that I was awake for the rest of the trip.

On saturday, I biked to the house I was interested in buying .. it's stillneat, but the pictures the realator took are definitely overflattering,and the neighborhood is really more of a Shadyside/Oakland mix thana Squirrel Hill experience. I still do like it, but not as much.I then did some reading (yay Ramayana), and incense-burning, and played on thecomputer for awhile, until it was time for a VAX party.. yeah. For those of youwho are in the dark, the VAX was a line of computers in the 70s/80s, from DEC,that was really important for the history of computing. They were large,pretty powerful, and really cool systems, and someone I know from Zets throws aparty every year to celebrate them. So, in summary, there were a lot of geeks,some fine cheeses, and a lot of computers. There were actually a few differentsubsocieties represented -- hippiegeeks, darkgeeks, highgeeks, one gadgetgeek,kulturgeeks, and egogeeks. The latter drive me nuts -- they're too much likewannabees.. it was, all in all, a very fattening but enjoyable evening. Theplace was, however, in a seriously scary neighborhood, and at 03:, I wasreally regretting not parking nearer the place. On the way back though, Ithought I recognized the area, and, as I've been wrong about this in the past,I drove and verified that this was actually near the Fedex location thatmy cellphone was being held at when I lost it about 10 months ago, and that Iran to from CMU (this being one of the brief periods of time that Debb didn'tforbid me from running). Wow, I must've been nuts -- it's a pretty long run.

Anyhow, I made it back home. I think I've come to the conclusion that I don'tlike this spare family car either -- it's nicer than mine in how stable itfeels (or maybe I'm just oversensitive to little things because the Fnordhas broken so many times), but it has really bad blind spots, and themoving roof, it doesn't feel secure. Also, the dash on my car at leastis trying to be nice.. :)

Last night, at the party, I was reminded of another song I used to hear atoutland.. "Dead Stars", by Covenant. With some digging, I found an mp3 onthe net... if I like some other things by that band, I might need to order aCD..

I think I need to install some more fonts for this to display right.I get the Japanese, but not the Chinese characters.

Anyhow, today I'll probably take a walk, go grab some food from the healthmarket, and do some reading. I really should go to Columbus to pick up mycar, as it's done, but that's a lot of driving for a single day. When I dopick it up, it's actually not legal to drive (fun fun!) -- it's inregistration limbo (I now have title to it, but I need to get that registered,and get Pennsylvania tags, and get it inspected), and the Ohio tags haveexpired.


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