Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Holiday spirit

Coming soon, to a holiday near you:The celebration of the exploitation, theft, and racialcleansing of native americans. Appropriate thanksgiving gifts foryour friends and family: Smallpox blankets, small glass beads, and picturesof barren wasteland. Thanksgiving is by far the most disgustingholiday Americans have. It's in just about as poor taste as ifsome Ugandans began an Idi Amin day, celebrating hiswholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands..

The Turkish government has always struck me as being a bit wonky.Here's another example -- laws forcing people to give theirkids Turkish-Muslim names only were recently lifted, and there are stillsome strange restrictions. Of course, it's tied to that whole Kurdish mess,and also to the interesting tensions in Turkish society between thesecular military and Islamic values.

It looks like the pressures within the geek community are havingan effect on SCO.. the bad mojo they've been getting from thelawsuit is killing their tech business, leaving nothing but thelawyers. And now, SCO, it's time for you to die.

An interesting cousin to Google News:News-Images. Cool...

I came across some amusing commentary and humour about away messages whilelooking for the magic escape sequence (%n, for those interested) that, in AIMat least, fills in the screen name of the reader. Here you go..

While doing some research for a class, I came across an interestingcondition that, in some ways, is like the opposite of autism..It's called Williams Syndrome, and like Downs' syndrome, results in milddeformation and low mental function. Unlike Downs, certain areas of mentalfunction remain very high (some sources suggest higher than average humans).Because of the specifics of the deformation, some have suggested that peoplewith this syndrome might be a source of some of the myths of pixies/elvesthat humanity has had for awhile.

And yeah, Schwarzenegger has taken office, and isquick to repeal the car/drivers license taxes. This is a bad thing, bothfrom the money flow perspective and for the planet.

Gah, gotta head to class now.


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