Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dancing Tree Roots

One thing I admire about the CS field is that a lot of our terms are imbued with a sense of humour, often bizarre. The name of a particular B-tree variant, Dancing Trees, is an example. I suspect Wikipedia is incorrect that Hans Reiser invented or named Dancing Trees though. Unfortunately, because Wikipedia has so many mirrors, google is a poor source to verify the claim.

There's a chance I'll be going to Ankara (Turkey) late this December to speak at a technical conference on Wikipedia. This depends on if they can get funding to fly me out there and house me for it. In general, I'm open to being flown anywhere in the world to talk, provided I can talk about something I'm interested in (or learn something I'm interested in), the place isn't a hellhole, I get to stay for a bit, the time is good for the pacing of my life, and it meets my schedule. I admittedly don't like the details of travel, but seeing new places can be fun and it helps keep life interesting. If anyone else wants to fly me somewhere to talk, and can put me up in a cheap hotel somewhere, drop me a line.

At work, I'm now starting on the analysis part for my experiment. Fun! I'm looking forward(!) to visiting family this weekend, and Columbus the weekend afterwards. It is a bit of a hassle that I can't just hop in a car and head there, but it's nice that I won't need to force myself to stare at the road for that period. It's disappointing that stores keep closing in SqHill - I wonder if the neighbourhood is in decline. Recently, the incense store closed, which is a major bummer.


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