Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Waitlists and such

One of the things I had forgotten when looking at classes was that I havethe absolute last scheduling window available, as I'm a non-degree student.In sum, well, this says it all:

Classes I'm Currently Enrolled In03121 MODERN BIOLOGY MWF 14:3-15:298023 STUCO LIMBO PRGRMMG MW 19:-19:5

Classes I'm waitlisted for80236 A PHILOSOPHY AND LAW 21 out of 2185251 A PERSONALITY 23 out of 2685414 A CGNTV NEUROPSYCH 4 out of 4

The other psych class, Research Methods, I'm attempting to get into viaanother route. Remember, I only get two classes a semester. So, whyModern Biology? It's the start of a long chain of prerequisites that'lllead me into some heavy-duty neurology classes.. I want as broad a backgroundas possible in everything that could relate to Cognition, so when I start aPhD, and a later career, I'll be able to pull all that stuff together to makeinteresting discoveries. The Limbo programming? It's a class on programmingusing Limbo/Inferno, both developed in Bell Labs as successors to Unix andC. It probably won't be immediately practical, but it might give me new ideason how to approach some problems in programming (just as Perl has influencedmy C quite a bit -- I now really like function pointers and stuff like map{}).If I get into 85414, I'll probably drop 98023, and if I get both it and theresearch methods class, I'll drop both classes I'm in now..

For fall, I stumbled onto a course description for a really interesting lookingclass, Psych 352: Evolutionary Psychology. I also found out that one of myparticular interests in psychology might be covered by a lab runby my psych professor for this semester. Cool!


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