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I finally got off my duff, and have some new pictures for y'all.I'll be editing these into the appropriate entries which corrispondbest to when I took them, but might as well provide them here too,as I doubt many of you routinely dig through my archives...What I looked like in August (I think) 2003Wally finds a comfy spotFrom Renfest, this is where in Scotland the Gunn Clan's ancestral home is.No limbs were lost in this tournament...But some music was made..I took a walk somewhere in Sq. HillFrom the recent visit to SFF in Cowtown.Ditto. Migi-no onna-wa kawaii desu!This once was Insomnia..My new GPS in actionThe house I was drooling overSkies of PittsburghMy laptop hiccupsMe today, waiting for my laptop to boot

I'm at Coffee Tree right now, running XMatrix in the background, just toamuse the people around who recently revealed that they think that runningUnix makes your computer like the Matrix. Heh.

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