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Broken Doors

04:37 - Pat deposits a $10 check into his checking account, at the Oakland National City on Fnord. 04:48 - Pat finishes biking back to his apartment in Squirrel Hill

Step back a bit...Went to India Garden around 23:00, ate, and stopped by work to rebuilda system (moving it from Redhat 8 to Fedora 1). Worked a bit onmy psych term paper, although I left my laptop at home, so it was mostlyconceptual work.

Not very interesting... But I just worked a bit over 5 hours when I'mnormally sleeping.. :)

For all you database junkies, there's a new version of Postgresout -- 7.4. The best goodies are: Autovacuum, better regexes, more efficientsubselects, and some cursor improvements. Yay.

There are some intersting articles in the Jerusalem Post,but because they're being schmucks and want you to register (even though it'sfree), they're not getting a link. Oh well.

You might like this comic. Or maybe this..

The world needs more cute oddness.

This is a good overview of the state of the desktopon Linux today, from a severely geeky point of view.

Things are getting really REALLY interesting in Georgia -- it's not everydaythat protesters take government buildings and make the existing orderflee... Al Jazeera has an interesting (but short) analysis onthe role of Russia and the U.S. in the crisis.

A thought -- I've noticed that in bands, there's almost always someonewho's the leader of the group, who gets pretty much all the focus duringmusic videos. I wonder what it feels like for other band members, andif that's a frequent source of tension..

Here's another step, a bit worrying, in nanotech: self-assemblingDNA-based nanites. It's fascinating.. I hope people are careful with it.

For the many guys out there who have trouble attracting women, well, oneof the big turn-offs, bad breath, might be tied to something much worse.Hell, not that I'm one to talk when it comes to romance, but the guyin that story looks like he has still more things to worry about on thatfront :)

This guy is one of those cool magicians who tells you how it's done.He's selling a book on Cold Reading, a technique that 'psychics'use to fool the poor people who believe in that crap. Another person who doesthis is The Amazing Randi.

This site traces some of the ideas that eventually got compiled together intoJudaism.

I've never had this happen, but perhaps someday I will.

Oh, Today. .. er. .hmm. On Saturday, PUSH met up with the Mormons. It wentpretty well -- we discussed some theology, and then moved into foundations ofbelief, and initial steps. Like the Judaists, the Mormons have a bit of a'Chosen People' thing going on.. Overall, we avoided being too confrontational,although I did feel that some of us were giving them too much of a hard time.It's ok to ask hard questions, but not so good to phrase them in ways thatintentionally are poking fun. I did feel that we learned a lot from thediscussion -- their theology really is very different than vanilla Christianity,and I begin to see the point when some question if they really should beconsidered Christian, although from their POV, the answer's clearly yes..In some ways, it's refreshing, seeing people with such a differentinterpretation, and they were remarkably open, upfront, and willing to saythey didn't know when they didn't, and that things can look stupid from theoutside. We might do something similar to this with other groups.

A thought on China-Taiwan .. the history of the communist revolution thereis interesting. Read this Wikipædia entry on Mao Tse-Tsung,particularly the section starting with War and Revolution. I wonder exactly howextensive the Russian influence mentioned there was, and what form it took.Apparently, like in the Weimar Republik in Germany, the massive social changetook place in a period when the government was falling apart. It's suggestedhere that the Nationalists lost much of their economic stronghold to the Japaneseinvasion, and after the war, the Soviets subtly aided the Communist cause inChina. Chiang Kai-Shek's [ after Chengdu fell must'vebeen an interesting flight...


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