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I think I finally have put two and two together... I woke up witha migraine headache today, and pretty much just lay there with my headunder a blanket for about 3 hours until it faded, leaving me with just amoderate headache (which I still have). I don't get these very often, althoughI used to get them a lot more often... and I think the two common factors areSoy Sauce and dehydration. Yesterday, I was doing dinner while working on mypaper, and because I didn't want to leave and disrupt my chain of thought,I made some Saag Paneer on rice.. Nothing unusual there -- I have it aboutonce a week, depending on my shopping habits. However, I made a lot more ricethan I had Saag Paneer to mix in, so I decided to add some soy sauce into themix. I like soy sauce (although I haven't cooked with it for quite some time),and typically use a lot of it. Together, the Saag and the Soy made a very tastymeal.. But I think I have good reason to believe that the Soy is to blame formy headache. Some websites suggest that soy sauce is high in MSG,which can cause migraines. I guess I should probably banish soy sauce frommy cooking supplies..

The situation in Georgia has been largely resolved. As unplanned governmentalshifts go, this was relatively painless... I'm guessing the fact that he wasousted for highly-visible corruption, instead of doing something wherea good percentage of people would rally behind him, is the reason..Although Russia does have problems with violent factions that are veryanti-foreigner, this might just be, as suggested, poor maintenance.Interesting that, at the end, they compare fire death statistics to Britainand the U.S., and that the standards have gone downhill since the end of theSoviet era..

I'm amused by the really funny, silly questions this FAQ has. It'sfor a company that does sound analysis of music to correlate the work withsales. It's a perfect example of the 'spiritualist notion of life' that Iam hoping to stomp out, the kind of thinking that led people to invent thesoul, and nowadays makes them do their best to hold back science from"crossing barriers that should not be crossed". Even if computers nowadaysdo not create music, or demonstrate human or posthuman intelligence,eventually they will, and for those of you who are doing your best to dragyour heels, you're gonna lose. We're going to have artificial andsemi-artificial people, electronic or not, and they're going to be growing upwith your kids, and they'll be accepted as people, and in the end, when yousee them, your antiquated notions will be cut off at this generation or thenext. And racists, you're going to look even more foolish, looking likeanti-Irish people look today, hanging on to your master/favoured/chosen raceswhile the rest of the world's motions move you from being one step behindto two steps.. Transhumanism.. it's the future.

I had a dream, light and carefreeBut now there's doubt and gravityBut I won't run in place (Are we blind?) in the human rat race (There's no way)I can set the pace (What we have) and accept my fate (Is shattered faith) -- Bad Religion, "Shattered Faith"

I earlier commented how I don't need my office anymore, thanks to my laptopand wireless. I also commented on how some companies are going entirely thatway, with smart cards letting employees work anywhere. Interesting howthis article indicates that this is cannibalizing the real estate efficiencies always are worrying for some players in capitalism..Imagine, as a thought experiment, that a group of people gained magical(or sci-fi, doesn't matter) abilities, and had something like a TARDIS(From Dr. Who, a spaceship that's bigger on the inside than the outside,containing a full home, food creation facilities, and moves from place to placein the universe by just appearing or disappearing as needed). Suddenly, thosepeople don't need anyone to sell them a home, nor do they need to go to thesupermarket, or a car, or fuel, or electricity, or any number of other things.Suddenly, that market shift results in the weakening or collapse of businessesthat used to supply such things. In a really big economy, such shifts could beenormously destructive. It's roughly analogous to the threat that advances infuel technology could end up turning Arabia's economy into .. a desert :)The countries in the area can see the handwriting on the wall though, andmost are starting to work on diversifying their assets so when the day comes,they won't be without a paddle.. Speaking of dangers of new efficiencies,Advertisers, beware -- they're starting to recycle advertising ideas..

Here's an analysis of why Muslims have little dedicatedrepresentation in the United States. In the end, I'm against more religiouspeople in our government, but, and here's the thing I'm not sure about,Muslims might force the Christians here to deal with the fact that they're notthe only game in town, and any fighting they do might be useful for temperingor weakening both to the extent that secularism can advance. I would suggestthat it might lead to less of a "blank check" policy towards Israel, butgiven what scum like Billy Graham think, perhaps that's not too solid a thinganyhow, and I worry that, instead of principle guiding foreign policy onIsrael to finding a long-term peaceful solution, sentiment could causepolicy to swing way off the other way. If only people wern't so bloodyemotional and jingoistic on these things, and would stop playing games ofidentity... But yeah, in the end I'd be thrilled to see neither Xians norMuslims having much representation, but it's possible, depending on howthings work out, that having both will be to the advantage of my point of view.

I find this amusing :)This too, in a different way.

Let's make sure we understand the issues involved with the Canadian drugreimportation controversy. Some states want to formalize agreements to importmedicines from Canada, where they're cheaper. Most of these medicines were madeoriginally in the United States, and are cheaper because Canada has pricecontrols on drugs. This means that drug companies, while still doing businessin Canada (as there's some profit possible), are using the United States astheir market to get their core profits. Reimports threaten those companies,as they effectively extend Canada's price controls into the United States..What can they do about it? They lose big if they withdraw from Canada, astheir competitors can still make profit there, even more with their absence..Their best shot is to work to overturn the price controls there, greasing theappropriate political palms.. There is an interesting interaction between'economic soverignty' and trade here, and one might even ask why the states,or indeed the people of the United States don't simply demand similar pricecaps domestically. Perhaps the drug companies found it easier or more prudentto get involved with American politicians, and are paying for it now, or perhapsit would be politically difficult to accept a local 'interference with capitalism',while Americans can get the same thing without the embarassment by using thisloophole, which requires *just* enough analysis that your common Americanisn't going to get it unless he/she thinks about it. Of course, if you'rereading my blog, there's a good chance this will have occured to you.

This is pretty obvious..Clearly, Turkey's church/state relations arn't that of things seperated, butrather, the churches are subordinate to the state.

That's all. My headache is mostly gone over the hours of work with many littlebreaks I've taken to write this entry. For future reference, the entry time iswhen I start the BLOG, not when I end it.


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