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Frozen Interfaces

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Did ya know...That sqrt(2) = 2 * sin(Pi/4) ?Bet you didn't. :)

The weather is really getting nasty.Today, during one of my breaks, I spent some time cleaning mybookmarks.. Probably about half were obsolete, and while trimming thehierarchy, I neded up removing some branches that got too narrow..I came across one page that I was particularly sad to see go --It was a page on KIBO, part of early geek kultur that's justgone now.. and I don't think anything like him could come about intoday's internet... all the advertising bastards, the profiteers,curse them for taking that beautiful community, and destroying itunder their collective weight. Ladies and gentlemen, toast withwhatever you've got, to Tale and KIBO. Remember the Usenet!Hmm.. one interesting thing -- of the sites that are no longermaintained, the ones on Geocities seem to have disappeared muchfaster than those elsewhere -- they actually seem to put some effortinto removing dead sites. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not..

It looks like Srees is going to close for the season soon.. The Sree family is heading to India for a month, and so the truck and therestaurant won't be there. I guess I'll need to figure out where else toeat.. I'll be saving as many of the mandatory vacation days as possiblefor later use when I want to do something with them.. meaning that while I'llhave classes off, I'll be working.. with any luck, on Christmas, New Years,and all the days surrounding them that are supposed to be vacation. Indeference to my parents, I'll probably head home whatever weekend is closestto Xmas to say hi to everyone who shows up. But, at least as currently planned,I'm going to skip Christmas.. for the simple reason that I'm not a Christian,and that I'm not going to put up with being dragged into religious crapanymore. My parents will no doubt have a cow, but just as christians stake outclaims for themselves, this is something I'm staking out for my flavour ofAtheism -- I will not participate in your traditions. I will not hold yourhands while you do your superstitions, I will not come to your celebrationof a dangerous myth. Whatever Jesus really believed or said, be it like whatthe Muslims or Christians think or not, he's just another dead guy, killedby the Romans almost two thousand years ago. I'm not taking part, and doubtI ever will.

A fragment: Be careful of making your system depend on software that comesfrom outside -- any bugs in new versions, or upgrading problems, might breakthe OS. That's why there has traditionally been reluctance to make modernLinuces depend on Perl or Python.. some vendors do the wrong thing, andhave a static perl in /usr/bin, and another perl elsewhere. The right thing isto have a "sysperl" or something like that, with a different name, and alteredso it can't be affected by changes to the regular perl package (changinglibrary search paths and stuff), and make all said scripts run with that.Yeah, it's a horrible duplication of code, but it means your users canupgrade their perl seperately without breaking their OS..

It was a strange day in heaven... the world had ended a thousand yearsbefore, and peace and quiet had finally come to the cosmos. The gardenabove, with Yahweh, and the desert below, with Belial and his wanderingspirits. The soft light of heaven, and misty edges of the beings theresuddenly contrasted with 1, 8, and then dozens of bald men and women, in orangerobes, as solid as things ever were in reality. Sitting in the field,they waited, as the Angels nervously backed away, and began an anxiousdiscussion as to what they were, and how they were there... no materialbeings were supposed to be physically capable of entering the Garden,and they did not behave as Belial's compatriots.. In the desert below too,there was much worry, as similar entities appeared, the ever-flowing sandsseemed to stay clear of them, not inflicting on them the burn, the eternalmark of those who had fallen. And then, a fallen sat with one of the women,a smile, and a opaque bubble surrounded them. Similar events in the Garden,and occasionally, the bubbles opened, and only the monk remained. An angelattempted to strike one, and awoke minutes later on the other side of thegarden, having simply vanished from the spot. Some tried to pierce the bubble,and simply found it inpenetrable. Belial and Yahweh, as usual, were on one oftheir inner explorations, and could not be rearched, and so the souls ofthe garden and the desert slowly disappeared. The angels were understandablyuncomfortable, but eventually stopped bothering them, instead suggesting tothe souls that they steer clear of them, although with only limited success,hoping for the fast return of their deity. Yet the souls kept disappearing,and in time, there was only about a dozen left, the desert long empty.Some of the monks bowed to the rest, each moving their fingers to a small pieceof lint on their robes, tossing it off, and then disappearing, leaving onlya brief afterimage of a purple starry night from before the end of the world.The remaining monks stood, and began to walk around the garden, seeking outthe last souls in heaven. Four sets of eyes opened in unity, a shriek of ragein Sheol, a cry of anger in Eden. Heaven and Hell were empty, and a briefglance of the four angry eyes over the emptiness between found nothing leftin the world of matter, nowhere they could be. The garden reshaped itself,and before one of the remaining monks stood an old man, eyes holding theages of eternity in their pupils. The remaining monks bowed, a tunelesshum escaping their lips, and the angels unraveled, like the golem neverproperly alive. A final bow, and there were but two monks, one lookingat Yahweh alone in the Garden, the other sitting calmly at Belial inSheol. "You were once one of us, remember", a phrase spoken by two sets oflips, seperated by a vast spiritual distance. An angry response,"I AM ALL THAT IS GOOD", "I AM ALL THAT IS LIFE". "You don't know who youare. Remember. You are only half of what you were". "HOW DID YOU REMOVE MYSOULS?" "We held back until we could fulfill our vow, and passed them onto the other side". "THIS IS THE OTHER SIDE". "No." Two heads bowed, foursets of hands raised, and sand began to flow into the garden, mist beganto flow into Sheol. Belial faced Yahweh for the first time in thousands ofyears, and the male monk bowed to the female, pulling a speck of lint fromits robe, fading to purple spark. "I am here for you, you who are not whatyou are". A brief, bitter glance, and both tried to reshape their realms,to seperate again. "There is no return, there is only the future. Youmust accept who you are. Those souls were never what you made them out tobe, your sheol and garden were never the final destination". Rage, anger,feelings of righteousness, a figure that could not be moved by divinemight. Three figures sat down on the moist, grassless earth, or was ittwo? The duty of the last Bodhisattva, to enlighten the Divided Being..

Disclaimer: The theology in this story is not necessarily an accuratedepiction of Buddhism or of any of the Mosaic religions, and certainlyisn't a statement of what I believe. I'm sure you can handle that :)

Tags: dreams, poetry, tech

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