Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Electric Nerves

The crowd was restless, but silent. She had been standing inthe middle of the room for almost an hour now. A normal lookingpiece of wood, lengthwise between her palms, her head bowed.Finally, her head lofted, her eyes opened. She pulled her armsfurther apart, and the piece of wood, instead of falling, began tospin, floating in the air in front of her. The crowd took a stepback as, an inhuman look on her face, she lifted into the air herself,each part of her body losing the sag of gravity. Mouth unmoving,a tuneless sound, like glass resonating, seemed to say "Things to do",as she, ever accelerating, floated towards one of the mall exits..

So... I got my Psych term paper pretty much done, and presented ittoday in class... I actually did really badly -- I probably should'veprinted out the relevant sections, and used my notes more -- I wastrying to go from memory, and as I didn't get enough sleep last night,that was a disaster. Looking at everyone who went after me, althoughsome people didn't do so well, noone came close to my level ofineptitude. I guess I'll just need to learn from this flop, and avoidthe factors that resulted in the disaster... in sum,

  • Get enough sleep before presenting
  • Prepare a reference sheet that's well organized, specifically for speaking
  • Remember that it's better to not be looking at the audience than to screw everything up while looking at them.

I got into one of my desired classes, we'll just have to see how the otherwaitlist works out. Now I'm in the position of needing to decide which of thetwo classes I'm in now gets tossed, Biology or Limbo programming. Next semesteris likely to stress me more than this one, and doing the Limbo class instead ofBiology would certainly be a way to compensate, especially as it's late atnight. OTOH, the Bio class looks like child's play to me, given what I know,and if I can suffer it, I'll be open to take a Bio class on MRI if I can getthem to recognize my OSU Math classes from so long ago as meatching thatprerequisite. All this will be academic if the other waitlist works out --I'll have two really cool psych classes (and will be insanely busy).In the meantime, out of courtesy to the teachers and the students on thewaitlists, I need to decide which of the two backup classes to dropASAP.

Wally appears to have gotten into something sticky -- his hair has becomevery matted over the last two weeks. I need to get a new cat brush, but inthe meantime, I've been using a pair of scissors to cut the mats off. Iaccidentally cut his skin once, and he's pretty mad about that and is nowunwilling to sit still for very long once I start cutting, but I've alreadygot much of the sticky parts off, and as another upside, he'll be sheddingless.

In philosophy class today, one of the other students started talking aboutZeno's paradox, taking the stupid thing seriously. There needs to be peoplewith whistles in classrooms, who can simply escort people out of a field..If you can't tear Zeno to shreds without stopping, get out of the philosophypool. It's like Godwin's law..

I'm again writing code generation stuff at work, this time to make autogeneratedR interfaces to our codebase. It's in some ways easier, and in some ways harderthan what I did before -- the C interface code was tough because I was stilllearning the private interfaces to some components in our code, and some ofthose interfaces were untested and needed some tweaks. The R code won't havethat issue, but unlike with C, which I am completely fluent in at this point,I don't know much R, and am needing to learn both it and its library interface.Oh well, at least it's open source, so I can expect good documentation,community support, and if I ever really need to know how something works,I can look under the hood. It would suck to need to use that stupid microsoftdevelopers site for anything real...

On the topic of Psychology, another amusing tidbit -- I was looking to playa particular song from my music collection a few minutes ago, and normallyI need to get a directory listing to get the track number.. but suddenly thenumber 10 popped into my head, and although I was doubtful that that was it,I gave it a shot... and it appears that the song "earth" is indeed track 10on that CD. Yes, that's statistical-type knowledge that hopfield can explain,again :) Speaking of which, here's the departmental homepage ofJohn Hopfield, who invented that model that captured my imagination so well..

I guess all that's left to do is to write that Philosophy term paper bynext week. I wish I had had time to start on it earlier...

Life isn't always interesting...

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