Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

October Dance Dance Revolution

Recent music that's been on my mind:

  • I'd Give My Life For You, from Miss Saigon. This rivals Memory, from Cats, for the ability to summon tears
  • Green Greens Theme, from Kirby's Dream Land (the start of a wonderful series of games)
  • Voices of Violence, by Billy Talent, who has a kind of captivating, musical-instrument-like voice
  • Boy Done Good, by Billy Bragg. I like where his songs seem to come from
  • As Cool As I Am, by Dar Williams. I'd love to find interesting covers of this -- I found a few A Capella renditions that are pretty cool.
  • Porn Song, by Sarah Silverman. Catchy, incredibly NSFW, and showcases the different "moods" her voice has.
  • Perfect Situation, by Weezer. At various times in my life, with various degrees of accuracy, I've felt that this song described me. The song sounds a lot like Crab from their green album
  • OpenVOX, by Ty Semaka (of Plaid Tongued Devils) as a bonus song with OpenBSD 4.0. The beats are fun. It's also free.
I'm particularly interested in finding more tearjerker songs -- anyone who can recommend such things, or indeed musicians and songs in general, is invited to leave a comment doing that.

I'm probably the last person in the world to discover this, but Kingdom of Loathing is rather cool. I unfortunately would prefer to start a new character, and can't figure out how to abandon my old one. It's one of those fun web-based MUDs that don't require any special browser support, and it has a good sense of humour. Thanks to Eric for pointing me at this.

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