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Sticky Foot-trails

Something you'd never expect...The Pied Piper was called to deal with the aftermath of Pandora's box..The subtle grappling with reality, the twisting, that wouldbreak it, and humanity, like the soft skin of a grape...All would be stopped by a flute... or so the legend goesBut like a good showman, the flute is mainly a symbol -- ourpiper, ladies and gentlemen, has other tools. We won't, however,tell his secrets here. We can just recommend him for your village --after accepting payment (he does that upfront, these days), hesimply marched away, a trail of nightmares at his feet.

o/~ This is my private bedThis is where I lie at nightStaring at a light bulb hanging on the ceilingWaiting for a dream toCome and get me out of here

Here in my humble room at nightI often wonder what goes on out thereWhat makes them run so scaredI often stare at the people passing byBut they can't see me thru my window shadesJust like I'm not even there o/~ -- Oingo Boingo, "Private Life"

So, yesterday I worked for a bit, then had a thanksgiving lunchwith a co-worker, and then worked a bit more, and then drove home(got egged into it) for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, nobody told mewhen the dinner was, so I missed it. Oh well -- hung out w/ my familyfor a bit.. I then got a ride to Columbus with Martha, had some goodconversation, and was dropped off at Fnord, where I was able to grabmy car and head back to Pittsburgh, catching up on some phone callsI needed to make in the meantime. It was a good trip, although a bitbrief.. I have a LOT of work to do for school now...
(section not shown)
Yeah, naturally, on the way to and from my destinations, I listened toa *LOT* of music... and when I was at my parents, I played a bit on myDad's guitar and the piano.. it really was a nice break from my recentmusic-producing-less existence. Yes, I've lost enough of my mapping ofwhat notes are which keys/strings+frets, but that really didn't mattertoo much -- even doing music badly is better than not doing it at all.

Have been researching what's needed to get my car registered here..apparently, I'm going to need to get the windshield wipers repairedbefore it'll pass inspection, which means yet another trip to Ford(fortunately, I can use one here). Ugh.. that means that I'll needto figure out transport back and then transport there again.An alternative would be to use the Ford in Monroeville -- if it's nearenough the other stores there, and if they can repair it within a day,I'll just hang out at a coffeeshop or something. Stupid cars. Bleh.

Oh, I've got some pictures for you...Valerie, the Roboceptionist in my building at CMU..Latest addition to my office doorSame, but playing with GIMP filtersAndrea, my mom, Bailey, Lindsay, and my DadKatie and Andrea strike a pose in the library

And a link to some music.I particularly recommend "Salt Fare, North Sea" as well as "Pass it Along"

o/~ With all the changes you've been throughIt seems the stranger's always youAlone again, in some new wicked little town... o/~ -- Hedwig, "Wicked Little Town"

What does it mean, to follow the path? You may succeed in all your statedgoals, but lose your humanity behind the curtain. Yes, Virginia,it is all that, but be careful to think before you take our hand.All the transhumanists, and the humanists, it is another path that's narrowat times. The pain of knowing yourself, of understanding each spasm ofanger or hope, the shame that we project onto others, humanity was nevermeant to withstand a mirror. The Jester makes her trade, dressing up inludicrous garb, telling us things that we can't admit, indulging oursurpressed desires. Comedy is Pornography. And yet, one culture's pornographyis another's normal state of affairs.. and of course, things often canpiggyback on good pornography -- racist humour, spiritual yearnings, consumeristthoughts..

No, I don't see any benefit in religion, other than the wearing of priest'srobes makes paedophiles easier to identify. As for spirituality, what exactlyis it? I've never trusted anybody who claimed to be spiritual. It's likeclaiming to have a sixth sense which nobody else can see. When people saythey're spiritual what they usually mean is: "I'm dead special me! Unlikethe rest of you who are a couple of steps down the evolutionary ladder."

The problem with religion or the state for that matter is that it involvesputting faith in something above yourself. They take power and responsibilityaway from ordinary people and undervalue people's worth.In lefty circles there's a tendency to dismiss Western religions as bollockswhilst believing any old clap-trap as long as it's Eastern. I'm sick of hearinghow spiritual and fantastic Buddhism is; tell it to the slave labourers inBurma. They live under a Buddhist system and its not doing them much good. -- Chumbawumba FAQ

And I realize that I have turned my back on a side of myself, at least one..Music can get me to my other (acknowledged) side, and sometimes near theborder, but the illegitimate side can only insert a snide comment hereand there, is restricted to standing on the edges of my vision, jumping upand down with his mirror.. To protect the trees, she has been expelled fromEden, her fast-food job replaced by a robot servitor. She sings a song ofspirit, of longing, and although I try to ignore her constant circling ofthe circle, the tears flowing down my face betray how hard it is sometimes.I even guiltily use her shouted arguments for my own ends, my own captiveMoor to ward against the horde, my vaccine.

You tell me that the Tragedy is the only game in town, but the tragedyis an intellectual movement, and we're in an age of spiritual machines.The thing we're always told, Be Rational, don't get revenge,don't be the nail that sticks out.. even to correct a wrong. And yetwe all know, inside, how to speak with the voice of society. It's inour genes, in our psychology. We sometimes take pride in being inhuman,to extrapolate firm ground in the windy muck we live. Our struggle to finda face will always succeed, with finitely bound error.

Someday, I shall tell you tales from the Brain Bowl, a place of recent discovery.

From IM:"Did you leave some toenail clippings here that you identify with? :)"

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