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Dear Pittsburgh,During our time together for the last year and a half, my lifehas been changed, and now I can't imagine living apart from you.Your universities, your hills, and your adorable lakes have trulycaptured my heart, like no other city has. Dallas will alwaysbe my first city, and Columbus will remain my friend, but Pittsburgh,I offer you my heart. Will you marry me? I offer, in celebration ofthis engagement, a promise not to drive places frivolously, and I'llmake an effort to clean up the litter that some people litter you with.In return, if you could make an effort to find me some human romancesand friends.. And as our marrage, I will buy a house when the time isright.

Ahh, another entry for the filter.. .. has sent meabout 40 messages over the last few days. buh-bye... :)

This might amuse.So, no doubt a question for Linux enthusiasts everywhere -- Does Novell deserve our loyalty?Currently, IBM has a lot of goodwill from our community, and for good reason.They're primarily a services company, they produce open software, and they'vebeen pushing our stuff as part of their solutions. They've also taken a verypositive role WRT the SCO lawsuit, and have been good to RedHat. Although, aswith all companies, we must remain vigilant against betrayal, IBM has beena good friend to the community, and so many of us have pushed IBM solutionsin our workplace and otherwise. Novell is a strange company, with an oddrelationship to Unix. Each time it's gotten involved, it's been with a purchase,from the name to the rights, and from what I know, it hasn't done significantwork itself on it yet. However, with its flagship product, Netware, in itsfinal death throes (incidentally, throes is a weird word that you never seeoutside of that word pair), Linux might represent a new religion. To thatend, Novell's bought Ximian and SuSE.So, we'll have to wait and see... I always had a certain fondness for theNovell of old.. the red and stripes...They also did give us the old Unix sources before they spun that divisionback off into Caldera (which became the SCO Group, which I'll claim bears noactual tie to the old, true SCO, which was just dumb but not evil.)So, Novell might have a few points on its side..


It's too cold to keep working outside.. So maybe I won't go to Coffee Treeso often.. On the upside, there's a new Indian restaurant opening up near myplace in Squirrel Hill.. Yay.

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