Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Light the Wicca on my Candela

If your mystic ideas happen to coincide with recent science,don't rejoice -- there's enough kooky ideas out there that you justhappened to be near where science's spotlight shone, and it will focusstill further soon, leaving you where you were before, in the dark.Science has always been on converging methods, not facts. Give me 1000guessers with 2 seconds to guess apiece, and we'll have a few people whoare close to "knowing" the square root of 6154.4343 withoutpen/paper/calculator. Attempts to connect Quantum Physics and eastern(or western, for that matter) mysticism are utter crap. It's just moreNostradamism. Your primitive forebearers might've had some good ideasabout values, as that's a matter of picking some and constructingharmonious arrangements and frameworks. However, actual science isbreaking new ground, and by modern standards, Kung Fu-Tsu, Yeshua, Musa,Gautama, and all the rest were at *very* best equivalent to a 7th-graderin modern times in the sciences. Got it? Good.

o/~The sons of the prophet were noble and bold,and quite unaccustomed to fear...And so on their journey they made a mistake,and stopped in a bar for some beer...

You know in the Qu'ran, it's said about Muslimsthey are not permitted to drink...And so these 'wise' prophets, on conquering nightspent most of it over the sink...o/~ -- My Parody

I have things to write about, but I'm too busy with schoolwork.When I have time, I'll write. If you're visiting my blog often,now's the time to take a little break. Note, however, that becauseI'm working even more than I normally do on this crazy work-schoolschedule, I probably am under quota for some good ol' human contact,so if you're in Pittsburgh (or want to visit), the next week or sowould be a great time to go grab a meal or take a walk with me. Don'tworry about distracting me for too long -- I'll let you know when I needto get back to my work/school stuff. As always, I'm at 412.480.3321,on AIM as dachte000, Yahoo as pgunn01, and ICQ as 97563550.Laters..

Here's an old photo of me.. 2 years ago was it?

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