Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Style Sheets

I've finally been convinced by .. well, not exactly an old friend, butsomeone I've known for quite awhile, that style sheets are a good thingfor websites, and that I should switch to using them. So I took the firststeps to that end today. There's a lot of benefits to it that'll berealized once I go beyond the 'technically using style sheets' stage I'mat now to 'using them to do cool things'. However, even now, you'll noticethe font is different, and the horizontal bars in my entries actually work.Note: I presently only test with 4 browsers:

Mozilla (whatever version I happen to be using at the time)Links (in graphical and text mode)LynxKonqueror

If any of you use different browsers, and notice that it looks worse now,speak up.. drop me an email. And yes, I know that many of you think thatgreen on black looks horrible. Get off your duff, make an account, andlet me know what color scheme you prefer (in email), and I'll set it upfor you. Sometime, I'll make a graphical color scheme preferences thingy,although as right now there are only 3 people with accounts, and nobody'sasked for the source to my BLOG software yet, I'll wait.

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