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Unwelcome insight

I've recently come to understand a few things with people I've known..My worst enemy, from middle to high school, the cruel clown...Also, some more insight into what went wrong recently. My thoughtshave wandered around the map, once freed from the desire to absorbeverything sent my way. Yeah, Pat, you messed up a bit, and shecontinually messed up, but she warned you too, during moments ofclarity. It was always your choice.. maybe it wasn't the wrong gambleto make, but it was complex. You've already established a new footholdhere, now all there's left, for her, for him, and for everyone else,is to understand those you've judged, and make sure you're not just seeingwhat you need or want to see.

The dead month continues.. places close, people leave town, campus is bare.Days get shorter, colder... it's hard to wake up. There was an old sciencefiction story, scientifically silly, but good reading, about entropyincreasing, spread over all of space... people, nature, everything grewtired, it was hard to stay awake. The world was coming to an end, and theywere doing desperate research to try to pull things together... was itan asimov story? I think the story must've been written in winter...on the topic, someone stopped by, and I gave them some spare books I havethat I had been trying to ditch on for awhile. We ended up talkingphilosophy for about 2 hours, over tea. Enjoyable..

Some music for you...The punk version of "God Save the Czar" is particularly nice.

For those of us who have a hard time thinking that people who likeSolaris/Intel exist, there's this guy. Wow.To fill in some more detail, he got a MIS degree, and he takes care toaccent the 'e's in his spelling of the word resume.. ;)

ICANN, everyone's favourite and oh-so-open group, is apparently playingvictim, being shut out from some U.N. committeesthat want to internationalize some core net services that currently are

  • sigh* privately mangled .. er.. managed .. by companies in the U.S. I'm no
fan of those companies, but I do wonder if the U.N. could do better -- one ofthe things that makes me think it might be a bad thing is that WIPOmight be on one of the controlling committees. Of course, I have wondered ifthe U.N. is more about making the world safe for business than to provide asafer world with liberal notions of freedom more widespread..

I recently stumbled on a webcomic I might start regularlyvisiting.

On the topic of China-Taiwan, China eventually rattled its sabre enough thatTaiwan blinked, and then on a visit to washington, got some lukewarmsupport for their moves. Taiwan isn't too pleased.

Here's an analysis on how Putin is managing the economy.. it's portrayingit as a mixed market similar to that of Japan, and of course, being theWashington Post, tosses in a snide dismissal at the end. What are we to thinkof mixed markets? We live in one, China lives with one, and there are endlessshades of 'how managed' and 'to what end' things can be arranged. Should therebe guiding principles for how to lay the foundation?

Go Dean!It's interesting how large that figure we first saw on TV a year ago hasgrown...

Redhat recently had a change in direction for how their linux distro isto be branded and maintained. While in all I think it was a bad move, bothfor them and the community, I do wonder what the end results of Progeny'sintent to sell support for their old releases will be.As customers, we don't need to think about the health of the businesses --they extract enough wealth from imprisoning their users through their desiresthat they'll survive, or something similar may come about. On the borders ofcapitalism, I worry that there's more fragility, as they attempt to exploitless.

In Zimbabwe, no doubt you've heard that when the Commonwealth suspendedthe country, Mugabe had it quit the organization. Blair warned that Mugabemight lose his knighthood. Nice one there Blair, I'm sure the loss of thattitle will do what expelling the nation from a political/trade body didn't.It is interesting though, that parliament, by the warning, might be able tostrip people of knighthood -- how does that work exactly? Traditionally, theroyal family has been the one to grant it...

Ok, just got a phone call, and apparently the chess game is over, and I'vewon. Now I can let you in on what's been going on. When I moved fromColumbus, I was living in a large, dumpy, cheap blue house (that was, nontheless,very cool). After falling in love with Debb, and deciding to move toPittsburgh, I quickly made arrangements to transfer the (2-year) lease tosome other folk.. I returned my cablemodem, cancelled the utilities, andhigh-tailed it outta there, settling down in Pittsburgh::Shadyside (andhave since moved to Pittsburgh::Squirrel_Hill). Eventually my parents got aletter.. from Columbia Gas. They apparently didn't record that I called them,and had a bill to my name for $1400, for about 8 months of gas service.Since then, I've been talking to lawyers and a few other people who've beenhelpful. I've been hoping they would just disappear -- the communicationshave been pretty sparse (partly due to them not having my current address).The thing that finally put an end to it was my contacting the Public UtilitiesCommission, issuing a formal complaint. That got an entirely new person on thephone, someone at ColumbiaGas who seemed interested in working with me toresolve the issue. After a lot of information exchange between me, her, andmy old landlord, it was found that not only do I not owe them any money (yay!),they owe me a (much smaller but still significant) bit because I overpaid (yay).Thanks to everyone who helped me out through this (especially Jason).

Radiation is a major concern for manned missions to Mars...It'll be much more of a concern if, as some futurist-minded folk suggest,we're to eventually inhabit the moons of Jupiter and Saturn...

Ahh, BushJr is out to win more friends. Yes, this is thesame dolt who wonders why few other countries are willing to help with thepeacekeeping.. And, na klar, if these contracts wern't ways to reap fat,inflated profits as a nod to businesses BushJr (pbuh) likes, companies wouldn'tbe so keen to get their hands on them.

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