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Cold air in my pocket

While walking today, I had one of my hands in my pocket, where I hada cold thing of grape juice (Mmmm... grape juice.. my favourite drink)..The cold of my left hand felt different than the cold of my other handout in the air.. the right felt somehow more harsh, although it was justas cold. Perhaps, in retrospect, it was the wind, although at the time itreminded me of something I heard about exposure to cold, dry air creatinga visual effect of aging, over time. The thought, in sum, was that peopleliving in cold climes tend to age faster, skinwise, than in warmer places..Whether this is true, I'm not sure -- the memory is too faint.

I dropped my bike off at the bike place again, and asked them to give it asmuch fixing as they could. It'll apparently be close to $100 to geteverything fixed.. but it's a good bike, I'm used to it, and according tothem, replacing it with an equivalent bike would be about $250. It'll be doneon Wednesday..

So, I'm now registered as a Democrat, or at least will be when the snailsfinish their duty. When I was younger, I once had a conversation with afriend. At that age, I knew nothing of politics, and didn't even know whatparty my parents associated with... and at school, we were holding mockelections. So, a young Pat and a young Melissa, in elementary school, werehaving a very cute discussion.. she knew her parents were Democrats, and Iguessed, based on zero knowledge, that I might be one too. "Who wants aVice President with the name of Bush?", we quipped. I was disappointed whenI got home and asked what party we were (my parents, at the time, saidthat they were Republicans, although I was too young to take a position), andthe next day, when talking with her, I said "I found out that my family'sRepublicans.. but hopefully we can still be friends?". I still am amusedat that memory...

So, the appeal of Dean...Why does the idea of him being president give me warm fuzzies? Is it simplyby contrast to the idiot at the helm now (pbuh)? No, I don't think so -- theidea of an intelligent Republican at the helm, like Dole, would certainly bea step forward, but I don't think Dole could excite me (stop snickering) asmuch as Dean.. neither of them are religious freaks (unlike Lieberman, whomI loathe almost as much as BushJr), but Dean's not likely to bow to them inany fashion. We know Dean's appreciative of gays, and we also know that Deanhas made a life for himself outside of politics. The guy's gone through medschool, something really worthy of respect -- doctors and academes, likelawyers, are people who've proven themselves intellectually, and unlike thelatter, in a way that's considerably more noble. I know there are plenty ofother ways to prove oneself, but the fact remains that most of our politiciansare people who are after the money and have the integrity of a businessman.Dean also has passion.. he gets angry, and there's something honest in that.He has his sights on BushJr, and I hope he manages to undo all the damagethe bastard has done if he wins the presidency. Yes, I know he very likelywon't, but one can hope, eh? If I had a choice to have a 100% guarantee thatDean would win the presidency if I were to voluntarily reduce my salary by$10k, I'd do it. I realize that this very likely will be the most I evercare about a particular election, or a particular candidate..

After getting the registration form from the lady in Shadyside, I wentinto the other, new Coffee Tree down there. Impressions? It's very big,and has a slightly bigger variety in food, and the plugs are much moreplentiful.. unfortunately, it's hard to find a place to sit -- despite itbeing at least as three times the size of the Squirrel Hill one, there arenot nearly enough tables. In a way, I guess it's analogous to the communitiesin which they reside -- Squirrel Hill is cozy, small, and not as commercial.Shadyside is very commercial, and does its best to give an air of luxury, butsomehow it doesn't seem to be human-sized, and so it's not very natural feeling.Following the metaphor, a theoretical Oakland Coffee Tree would be dumpy, crowded, and smoky, close to the street, letting in the cold and noise.

Here's an article about complaints over thedisplay of the Enola Gay in a museum without any of the negative context.Personally, I'm of the opinion that it should not be displayed at all -- itsdropping was an unparalleled atrocity, it's development a bloody shame, itsuse a mark of shame for the United States.

Here's an interesting take on zoning laws, suggesting that inpractice, they end up creating sprawl. In fact, looking at the place where Idid much of my growing up, Brecksville, I can see a lot to complain about.It was practically impossible to get anything by going on foot -- cars weremade absolutely necessary by the design of the town. The housing area I livedin certainly was quiet, but it was also sterile.. people didn't walk toget anywhere. One of the great things about Pittsburgh, at least where I am init, is that I really can (and do) bike or walk almost everywhere. I didn't usemy car today. I didn't use it yesterday. I'm actually not sure when I lastused it -- it might've been last wednesday, so I could quickly get from theZets Pizza night place to the movies afterwards. If I had wanted to, I could'veeliminated that usage too. That's the mark of good community design. Was itpossible in Columbus? Sort of, but not as easy. If zoning laws are, in fact,aiming to seperate areas of function from each other, aiming to producea Brecksville, then I agree with the author that they're a bad thing.

I happened upon a really really cool site while looking at that --it pokes fun at really ugly architecture, once a month. I'm adding it to my"Often Visited" section of my bookmarks..

Freed from strong church control, religion evolves rapidly.That's pretty entertaining.

Businesses worry about China versus Taiwan... but"believe that in the end, money, not missiles, will rule". MONEY versus MISSLES.Yeah, it's good we have our priorities straight. Hey, asshole money-fetishgreedy bastards, why don't you come speak to a few Taiwanese and Chinese peopleI can gather, and then let them talk to you about their families and friendsover there who might be killed, as soldiers or as civilians, in a war. You needa lesson in priorities.

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