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I went to Barnes and Noble today, to see their selection on books onCSS... it's pretty poor, but the local bookstore does have a somewhat smallerselection than most stores of the same name.. I did see one I liked, andwas going to buy it, but Amazon had it for $30 (they wanted $50). Title: Core CSS (2nd ed) by Keith Shengili-Roberts. There was another bookthat looked both amusing and possibly useful, called Death March (EdwardYourdon), but it was similarly much cheaper on Amazon. So, I contributed toB&N's existence by getting some Tea, and then came here, to Coffee Tree(added the books to my Amazon wishlist -- I might buy them eventually).

One thing that a friend suggests is that before I switch to using CSS, Ishould switch to using XHTML first. So, I plug my site into the W3 Validator,and come to see that it's not even HTML 4.01 compliant... some of the changeslook easy, so I pop open the sources, and, GAH! What the hell?!?The formatting is gone. All the tabs have been removed from the file. I amfurious. I know *I* didn't do this, at least not intentionally, and I can'tthink of how it could've happened. I have been tweaking the sources over thelast few days, and have some half-finished changes, so I can't simply revertto the last CVS copy... I just don't understand how this happened.. so I'mdigging through my code again, hand-reformatting. Grumble grumble.

Yeah, there's non-tech stuff to talk about... but I'll save that for later.

Tags: tech

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