Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

XHTML is here

I finished converting my BLOG to XHTML.. thanks to the kindhelp of a friend, some good references,and a hell of an inspiring demonstration of what's possible. I know I'm nowherenear that yet, but my site comes about as close to passing the validatoras I'm going to care, for awhile. The only thing it doesn't like, from thepages I tested it on so far, is that I have a HR tag (looks like this)

inside of the tables that my entries are in. Well, it's either the TABLEor the PRE that makes it unhappy. According to the friend, I can eitherconvert the HR into some other CSS element, or switch from tables. EventuallyI'd like to use DIVs instead..

And while I'm working on this stuff, I'm listening to some music that Gaelynnexposed me to when I was in Columbus some time ago...Moulin Rouge.. Come What MayAnd it's one of those pieces of music, like Memory (from Cats), that hasthe ability to reach into my emotional areas and deeply grab me. I'm confused..I don't know what I feel, I'm overwhelmed.. Music.... does that to people who'veplayed it.. or is it the other way around? If you've never made music, and neverdone art, you're probably missing out on a big part of life..

Tags: blog, music, tech

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