Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Washer Voyage

A nod, and the would-be hero stopped, stood still. The normal chaos,hierarchy, patterns in the mind all slowed.. memory present, butno decision-making, no interesting processes.. what little thought therewas... a memory or impression, of the top of his hand over a pyramidshape, soft plastic, a gentle slope. Cradling that odd angle with hishand.

Perhaps a focus on the motion of fluids while stirring a bowl of soup,the intricate folds and flow near the wooden spoon..

I'm presently listening to Daler Mehndi's "Dil Te Churiyan".. it'svery addictive, and there's an amusing music video that comes with it.It seems that one of the consistant themes in Daler Mehndi's videosis that he's convincing an initially reluctant woman that he's cool.I do wonder if I would like his music more or less if I understood thewords... I also wonder if there are any people like him in Americanpopular music -- could his videos fly with a western audience? Couldhis style of music appeal to people here?

Someone I used to know, but now lives far away, recently wrote something thatreally grabbed me... he's someone who I really feel has lived a parallellife to mine, the similarities are really kind of funny. Oddly, I never reallyseemed to get close to him -- perhaps too much similarity, people who normallyplay the same role in social groups, these things make for parallel threads inthe fabric of society..

At work, I finally have a breakthrough in the R to Auton bridge -- I now havethe C side keeping things on its own, and can pass data from R to C. I wasthrown off by the way .C() appeared to work on a function I grabbed from asample C function called showArgs(), but it actually wasn't, the objectswere just being passed back and the R side of the code was displaying them.Nothing like printf() debugging.. Heh. The way I'm cooking these things up,I want to be using .External() ... and the sample function was actually slightlywrong, at least for the version of R I'm using. Anyhow, once I get some simpledata passed back from C into R, all the tricky, experimental work in theproject will be done, and the actual (relatively dull) implementation will beready to be cooked.

Yeah, they got Saddam. So what? It doesn't change anything -- it was a stupid'adventure' for BushJr (pbuh), who should've listened to his dad. BushSr atleast had the brains to understand that occupying the country was a dumb idea,although his adventure wasn't too bright either. I doubt there were anyof the specially nasty weapons (but hey, a weapon's a weapon) in Iraq, I thinkBushJr knew this and lied (his instructions to be dishonest to his ppl don'thelp things), and in any case I don't think Iraq ever posed a threat to theUnited States in either gulf war. Saddam's abuses of power arn't anythingspecial for nonwestern states, and such abuses certainly don't stop the U.S.from continuing to deal with and support other such countries, especiallywhen oil money is involved.

I think, for the first time in a long time, I'm going to have a decent amountof this month's paycheck, beyond the amount I automagically have doing so,to deposit for saving. That's pretty amazing, considering all the car messI've had to deal with, but yeah, I'm happy. All the long-term ugliness leftover from the O'Reilly trip, the aborted vacation, car problems, and other stuffis gone. I have a small cash buffer against emergency now... mmm safe..

Came across this news-ish blog. Amusing.

This article, by Berners-Lee, one of the pioneers of the web,suggests that websites be designed so that documents never disappear. I reallyam at two minds on the issue -- on the anti-side, I'm reminded by the adviceof the extreme programming camp (and some other camps too) thatto think too far ahead is too limiting and time-consuming for software(let's extend it to webpages), where having flexible, simple, easily implementedideas is more important. On the other hand, I do think it's awfully inconvenientthat so much of the web is continually disappearing, or worse, becomingobsolete or incorrect without being marked as such. Is Archive.orga solution, or a red herring? I really don't know.

A friend sent me a sad story. I sent her here for something else.

This is an interesting political-regional framework. A fun quote:Democratic consultant James Carville once described Pennsylvania asconsisting of Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, and"Alabama in the middle."

Reality TV for you..A few of the other victims of the holocaust get mention..

Some farming politics..

And something I've always suspected: Powerpoint makes you dumb.That's not my title -- it's the actual NYT article title :)

When I visit Israel/Palestine, I'll probably try to stop by here.

I grabbed the rest of my music from my home system onto my laptop lastnight.. I suspect torgo's going to die soon, so it's time to start doingmore backups... I can't quite put my finger on why it's going to die, it'sjust an intuition.. but my computer intuition is damned good..

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