Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Spiders in the Snow

The interesting thing about Medusa is that she lost the game when forcedto reflect on herself. In modern society, Jesters have grown too harsh forus, and we compulsively banish them..

I recently happened upon yet another 'ask a question' site I'll bevisiting frequently: Ask Pud. Along withAsk Yahoo and The Straight Dope, it'll be a nice place to visit to keep mybrain nicely stirred.

I just got in a CD I ordered a while ago -- Klezskavania, from the Plaid Tongued Devils.It's incredible. The sound is mostly Gypsy, with some Klezmer and Jazz elements.I'm going to need to get some of the rest of their CDs... There's a chance thatthey may eventually become my favourite musical group -- they've definitelywon their way into the top few that I can name off the top of my head.

Here's some kind of useless notes for people who have computers that are bothweak in CPU, and yet have a fast network card. And, of course, most networkcards don't do bus mastering, so said people's fast network card would(often) end up using a lot of CPU anyway. The notes are, nontheless, usefulfor doing some cool other things.

Hmm .. how do they get the internal memosfor this site?

This is really out there, but I had a friend point me at it.

If you ever find yourself doing jury duty, you really should know about jurynullification. Read here.

According to this, Maoist thought is sufficiently developed that there'sroome enough for (at least) one course on it. I wish it were available here --I know almost nothing about what Mao thought, just knowing bits of what he did.

That "anti"-spam law was passed, and now some companies are taking stepsagainst the spammers. Of course, what'll probably happen is that in time, theISPs that complain will get filtered out, and the rest of us will continueto suffer -- one of the dumb things about the new law is that it only givesthe power to sue to ISPs, and explicitly blocks the laws that would've letend-users sue that some states were implementing. *sigh*

Sadly, or happily, depending on how you look at it, it may be that globalwarming will be overwhelmed in the face of a larger trend -- more airpollution blocking sunlight and dropping temperatures on the planet. What aworld.

I'm probably going to drive to Brecksville this weekend, to say hi to all thefamily that'll be around. It'll be a way of easing my family into the ideathat they can't expect me to participate in Xian traditions. Of course, Ithink they "just don't get it" -- they think that Judaists should do Xmas too,and don't understand why my sisters' friends who are of that belief systemdon't.

I've still been playing with CSS, but I've become a bit frustrated -- normalHTML seems to scale nicely, but with CSS, there doesn't seem to be a way tomix sized content with some kind of 'fill the rest', which is what I reallywant. For example, I have a spiffy new header for my blog (well, the mockup),with my face on the left, and intro/headers to the right of it. It looks nice,but it's hard to get the sizes of the left and right portions set up properly.The image is, of course, fixed-size, and the text is, of course, not. Laidout in pixels, it looks decent, but doesn't expand or contract to fit thebrowser width. Laid out in percentages of the screen width, it expands andcontracts to meet the screen, but when the percentage of the left part goesunder the image width, text and image overlap, and it still doesn't look asgood as it should at other times. I imagine there's probably a solution tothis design problem, as it's no doubt come up before. All this goes to showis that I still have a lot to learn about CSS. At some point, I mightestablish the CSS-enabled view as an alternate view to the current one.. whichreminds me -- I need to remove the old cgi-based interface.

Ahh, just spoke w/ my mom.. I guess I'll visit the weekend after Xmas instead.I'm hoping to finish up my big project for work this weekend then, and maybetake some nice walks.

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