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I recently was digging through some old photos on my computer, and noticedsomething interesting about JPEG compression -- while loading a jpeg in myimage viewer, it starts out with fuzzy patterns that fade as more detailscome in.. but if you work on holding the fuzziness in your mind, you canstill see them as distortions in the original picture. I guess what'shappening, in a sense, is that the distortions, done sufficiently finely,define the picture, and the 'first shot' patterns would only truly fade ifa fully raster version of the graphic were there... I know my use of the termis somewhat unorthodox, but in some ways, vector graphics and compressionare related divergencies from raster graphics, with scalability being aninteresting twist. My brain is currently thinking about differences inscaling the display of a vector graphic and doing interpolation when scalinga raster graphic. I love that kind of thought -- when the 'out there' theorypart of the brain is chewing on a concrete topic.

Turns within turns. Life occasionally presents a pleasant surprise. As ofyesterday, something changed, and although it might take some mentalrepositioning, I think I have a good chance at having/sharing a kind ofhappiness I haven't had for some time. I'll write more when I'm comfortable.w00t!

A collective blog to look at

H-bomb info the government sued to keep quietActually, there's a lot of discussion, both within the issue ofprogressive this is and outside, regarding if it's a good thing thiswas published. As per the usual, I side with the free-speechers on this one,but it does seem to be an an exceptional case where I'm not as far fromhaving no position as I normally am. It's not that I'm interested inpreserving American hegemony, but this does seem, at least on the surface,to be like the Anarchist's Cookbook, a book I remember floating around thebulletin board scene 8+ years ago with detailed recipes for making pipebombs and the like. Sure, I probably have a copy stashed away somewhere, butdespite my concerns for free speech, I realize that people could cause a lotof trouble with it... like this.

A reflection -- you notice in my philosophy that I talk a lot about mypositions, my concerns, etc. I think this is due to the shift of perspectivefrom absolutism to value-based -- relativism mandates that we at leastacknowledge that our values are personal, and so we have to give up at leastthinking about them as absolutes. Thus, saying 'it is better' become'I/we value X more', or similar, and disagreements about the moral natureof things become realizations that people don't hold the same values. Itmakes sense, although it does often make natural a manner of philosophicalspeaking that seems .. wordy.

Apparently, Google has money for unusual toys.I've never actually tried one of those toilets that does water cleaning of the..body areas .. used after toilet use. If I had a chance, I probably would once,but it does seem strange to me. For $1200/toilet, I hope they really likethem, and that they don't break often..

A former netscape executive decided to donate about $4000 for the porting ofMozilla to the Amiga. I really am of mixed feelings about this -- that moneycould certainly have better spent, I think, but it is good to see the communityproviding in new areas. Perhaps the Amoeboids will join/support ourcommunity if they get hooked on our software.. at this point, they havelittle hope for any commercial friends :)

Some cellhpones will keep tabs on you.Apparently parents and bosses are using their provided cellphones to know wheretheir employees are. On the first point, I imagine there's a continualplayful battle between parents and kids on liberties, where the kids are,and what they're doing.. it might worry that that battle's limits arebeing shifted by new technology -- kids used to play with slingshots andskip school for a variety of reasons, from what I read (and hear from adults)..all sorts of adventures.. they learned not to get caught, and eventuallycaution, on their own. That seems like a good thing... is spamming me a lot... I might've bought something from them at onepoint, I don't remember for sure. Now I'm thinking of killfiling them.I wish businesses wouldn't do that kind of thing.

Here's a parody of a popular TV show.

A bit more on the French religion issue..

I've been chewing a bit on Sharon's recent statements and plans regarding whatto do if the current peace efforts fail. On the face of it, the continuationof the wall-building seems like a bad thing, and the unilateralism seemsproblematic, but it is possible that a long-term peace might be achievable,and while he doesn't present a plan that's anywhere close to being an idealarrangement, it's possible that it might succeed where other plans havefailed at achieving peace of sorts. I'm not really sure what to think aboutit yet. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. The liberal peace plan, whilenot proposed by anyone who can actually do anything, seems like it might bea good way for things to work out. The current efforts might also be fruitful --the current Palestinian leadership is perhaps more inclined to peace thanthings have been for awhile. A single, unified state sounds best, but so far itseems that option isn't being floated by anyone with any power.

Meanwhile, the situation in Taiwan continues to heat up.I wish coverage were better on it...

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