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This makes me furious. Egypt sent foreign ministerto Israel to meet with Sharon and other Israeli government officials to workon peace, and while visiting a mosque, he was attacked by a Palestinian mob,needing to be saved by Israeli policemen. Apparently they saw him as a traitorfor even talking to the Israelis, and injured him to the extent that he had tocut his trip short. This is absolutely ridiculous -- it's the worst thingthat Palestinians can possibly do for their cause. Of course, the mob doesn'tspeak for all palestinians, and the PA was quick to condemn theact, but this does illustrate a real problem in the conflict -- there arePalestinians who won't accept, and will do their best to sabotage, every attemptat peace. Here's a little hint to that mob... he's not in Israel to celebrateChannukah! He's there on your behalf, and you just totally fucked everythingup. I hope you don't mind the continued suffering both peoples in the regionare under, because you just made a big contribution. Grr.I think I'm pretty neutral on the idea of the wall, to my surprise.I do wish it were drawn a bit more liberally, but the basic idea of it, ifthe Palestinians cannot come to enough unity to enact a satisfactory peace,might be an ok means to peace (although I would prefer other, perhaps similarlyunappealing to western liberal traditions, in different ways, means toachieve a one-state solution).

SCO posted a list of files that they definitely see as infringing, unrelatedto the SMP/NUMA code they were bugging IBM/Dynix about. They mostlyboil down to two files, and their architecture-dependant forms for all thesystems Linux runs on. The files are kind of embarassing, being mostlydefinition of constants -- they're not even code. Linus has a responseto their claims up... Linus has a responseto their claims up...

I learned an invocation some time ago that claims to cure the odd initializationthat sometimes happens with my soundcard on my laptop. I don't know for certainthat it fixed it (my laptop is usually up for weeks at a time), but I haven'tseen it since. In /etc/modules.conf, add:options i810_audio clocking=48000For google's sake, this is for Linux on an Inspiron 8500.

I had an interesting discussion with Dubin on some aspects of Eudaimonia thatI've been chewing on, and ways it might interact with how capitalism might bestructured. A brief conclusion is that I think there's a relationship betweenefficiency and how happy/empowered workers are, and that that relationshiptakes a different form in large corporate structures and small businesses.Note that I've secularized and twisted the Aristotle's definition aroundto mix in some ideas of Marx and Nietzsche. We then proceeded to discussinternational politics and the use of force. Issues to think about: When, ifever, is military intervention in other countries' internal affairs justified?If revolution is not something to get involved in, what happens when revolutionbecomes an international issues (e.g. Kurdistan)?

Although I'm a registered Democrat, I'm definitely not this type.Just as there were "Regan Republicans", I'm a "Dean Democrat" -- my loyaltyisn't to the party in general, but rather the man and the circumstance.

Looks like, in Norway, Jon was declared innocent in his second trial.Cool!

Some Art and Law for ya.A very funny article on British-Japanese cross-perspectives a friendsent me.

And Pat is in love again. I feel happy.

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