Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Last entry of 2003

The year is about to turn again, and billions of Chinese add one year totheir age today, because every new year, all Chinese add a year to theirage (not on their birthday) .. except this isn't quite applicable --Chinese New Year is 4 Feb, not 1 Jan. But it is, hopefully, still interesting.So, yeah, I'll need to get used to writing 2004 now.

You'll notice my BLOG looks a bit different. If you're using an olderbrowser, without CSS support, sorry, it'll probably look worse. Otherwise,it should look much nicer. I basically decided to apply the changes I wastesting, and so the thing now uses CSS and should look nicer. It stillhas some buttons not enabled yet, but it does have a fairly flexible frameworkto handle the CSS. It should be pretty easy for me to do nice, new things,when I get around to tweaking the code again.

Unfortunately, I have a pounding headache, and have been for the lasthalf-hour. Tomorrow, after I wake up, maybe I'll go through thesummarize-the-last-year stuff that's tempting to do, even though thebeginning/end of a year really is kind of an arbitrary date. For now,my nasty headache precludes it.

If my BLOG now looks incredibly crappy in your browser, let me know.Don't bug me about things that look like links but arn't (yet) -- I knownot everything is there yet. I'll get to it, be patient.

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