Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Memories of the Music-Teacher of Nations

Debb and I are so happy together. It's a real change of pace for me, butI'm actually constantly happy. It's like a piano that for most of its lifehas been out of tune with occasional tunings every 10 years just got aninvention plugged into it that automatically maintains its tune perfectly.I feel whole.

Last night, I had two dreams relating to music... the first (well, I don'tremember the actual ordering of the dreams) placed me back in elementaryschool, and we were in music class, asked to sing national anthems. I remembermaking fun of one of them, and the teacher looked at me strictly, and I didfeel like I had pushed things a bit too far... that feeling was odd -- I haven'tfelt it in years.. the actual obedience to authority in a person. If my memoryis correct, the mindset of a kid in school really is very different thansomeone in my position. Anyhow, I sung along to some of the national anthemsI liked (in the foreign languages, when I knew them), and the teacher, for somereason, made it a point to sing a bit louder and more near me when I wassinging. I wonder if it was to keep an eye on me or something. The second placedme and some friends in a park, and I was annoying one of them by singing thesong "Memory" in as low a key as I could.


I had to touch MySQL again today... and am again frustrated at brain-damagein its configuration tools. mysql_fixpermission in particular is badlybroken, and doesn't do what it's advertised to do. Asking some people on IRC,they said not to use it, and gave me the needed syntax to manage the usersin SQL. Fun fun.

Ever want to hear Beowulf in Old English? Look here.

I haven't yet finished reading it, but Paul Graham has what looks to bean interesting examination of the social nature of competing worldviews.It looks like an important and enlightening paper. The points referencingfootnote 5 and 7 give us particularly interesting viewports into human nature.

Tags: dreams, love, philosophy, tech

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