Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Applying Glue to Photons

I'm trying to put together my Cleveland/Brecksville travel plans for this weekend -- Amtrak is incredibly cheap (about $70 roundtrip), but the arrival time (~2am) is too late for me to expect my mom to be awake to pick me up, and the departure time is almost as bad (~12:45am the next day). These appear to be the only feasable times if I want to leave sometime friday and still have any amount of sunday left here. Alternatives include flying (way too expensive) and renting a car (possibly affordable, although I hate driving). Sigh. This is the part of travel I don't like. I'm determined to get there, one way or another - I can figure it out tomorrow, I guess. Maybe I can twist one of my sisters' arms to pick me up.

In more utterly uninteresting news, CMU is having a "CyberSecurity Summit" on 1 November. Despite the incredibly lame name, it might be some combination of interesting and amusing -- it's free, with free food, and I can probably go in lieu of my normal job stuff without any ill consequence as it's theoretically tied to my job duties. The things I'll be attending:

  • 8:3 Poster contest preview, free breakfast!
  • 9:: Welcome and Introductions
  • 9:15: Undeclared Presentation by some SEI guy
  • 10:15: Break (with free food!)
  • 10:3: Cylab panel session on social networking (Myspace/Facebook is bad?)
  • 11:3: Combating Cyber Crime by some FBI guy
  • 12:3: Future of Information Security
  • 13:3: Break (more free food!)
  • 13:45: Presentation on Insider sabotage threat by some SEI guy (don't trust your employees!)
  • 14:45: Break (still more free food!)
  • 15: Data retention (probably relevant to my job)
  • 16: MacOSX Security Features by some Apple guy
  • 17: Video contest
  • 17:3 Intellectual Property Bullshit by some i-SAFE/RIAA git. Includes free pizza.
Interested CMUites should register. If nothing else, free food is good, and it may be interesting.

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