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int foo = (int)&"Hello World\n";

I'm frustrated with work. A coworker, to me, has been put in charge ofsomething, and he's made a number of decisions that, to me, seem to bewrong. Further, I'm more qualified than he is to do said thing, butbecause I've been assigned to something that is, in some ways, moreimportant, I just get to sit by on the sidelines and watch. Gah. It doeshelp, in some ways, that a number of the other all-around techies hereare on my side, but on the other hand, it just gives me someone to grumbleto, and maybe that's not a good thing.

Still, things are going well otherwise. I recently found out that myupgrade of GNU mailman, when I upgraded my server, got broken, and indiagnosing/fixing it, I learned a lot more about how mailman works.Basically, mail going to the list wasn't being sent, although theweb interface to mailman still worked. So, I looked in /etc/aliasesto see how mail was getting into mailman... aha! There were entries thatwent into a wrapper script, and that script changed names between RH8and Fedora 1's bundled versions. So... I created a new list using theCL tools, and used the instructions there to create the newer entriesin there. After running newaliases, nothing seemed to happen. So, Ipoked around, looking at permissions... maybe the default permissionschanged... Eventually I found a script, part of mailman, to fix thatstuff.. It fixed it, but mail wasn't flowing. I changed mail's shell tobe bash, su'ed to mail, and straced the wrapper script. It made a LOT ofoutput... but little of it was helpful -- it just dropped stuff off into aqueue directory for processing. I went back into the mailman directory, andpoked around the binaries in there.. eventually I found qrunner, which lookedpromising. I ran it.. and nothing seemed to happen, so I broke out of it, and.. no manpage. Ahh, but it does take --help. I did a qrunner -o -r All, andI got one of the long-waiting messages. Aha! .. so.. looking at the otheroptions, I get the impression it's supposed to be running 24/7. This surprisedme -- I thought mailman would run partly on-demand (reciept of message) andpartly through cron (to send out digests), but apparently instead, it runscontinually in some fashion. I then find .. yes, mailman is a servicestarted by the init scripts... so I do a 'service mailman start'... and itfails, telling me there's no list called mailman. A quick googling tells methat apparently, there must be such a list, this was added in the interveningversions. A quick addition of that list, and the service starts, and all thequeued messages go. Problem solving can be fun!

So, I've been a computer doctor a lot recently, debugging other weird thingsat work, and at home, and all that fun stuff. I really like that kinda thing.

More and more states are taking this step for gay rights. That's good.BushJr, in one of the few areas I really approve of him, is pushing formore funding for the space program. That's good.Bangladesh recently caved to religious powers who want to ban a sect ofIslam that others find heretical. That's bad.This reminds me of the Sokal Hoax, adelicious stab at the lunatic fringe of the postmodernist social movement.Of course, for many movements and political philosophies, there are all sortsof subgroups, and I don't mean to condemn all of postmodernism with that broadstroke. Like feminism, there are ways to be feminist and stupid, and ways to befeminist and non-stupid, even after all the definitional arguments havebeen made. And, na klar, it can't be assumed that any given more 'extreme'position is less stupid than any more moderate position -- they're not quiteorthogonal, but it's not that simple.

This might be a good way to reduce spam.It at least will cut down on forging, although spammers have two legs, the otherbeing use of real systems en masse to spam. It's good enough to make thespam industry hobble though.

As has been the case, I have more to write about than time to write.

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