Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Waiting for the Bullet Train

Idea: A special camera arrangement, recording the entire field of sportingevents. All of that data is recorded and broadcasted, and fans use theirTVs to move around and watch the events from whatever angles they mightchoose. Some of them even share scripted perspectives and angles with eachother, sometimes adding commentary. These data streams flow all over theinternet.

This fits into a general vision I have for the net and media of all kinds.Media now is like ice, in that it doesn't change shape, you can't get to allof it, and it's hard to mix.. either that, or it's like gas -- the conversationswe have everyday, easy to lose, transient. The digital world can and should bere-formed along new guidelines, and it should reshape the existing world. Thereare three stages and parts...

Firstly, we need the general ability to annotate information. On the web, thismeans firstly that information should not go away, and secondly that we needservers which just store notes and commentary people jot about anything theymight see. These servers should be like a wiki, with perhaps someaccess controls so people can note things to themselves, share with friends, andthe like. It should be integrated into or perhaps just beglued into 'wget' so the commented-upon material cannot be removed by the authoror anyone else. You would hate to have your memories of a book disappear or madeincomplete simply because the author decided to, wouldn't you?

Secondly, we need the ability to share our annotations and simple manipulations(perhaps a 'path' to traverse the web?) with others. This could be arrangedby having an index of annotations (optional) and for people who subscribe totheir friends annotation 'channels', when they visit site N, a sidebar orbutton-with-an-annotation-count becomes visible. People also might choose tohave all open annotations visible to them when browsing.

Finally, data streams and formats need to be completely open, and designed forexploration, so it's actually possible to alter, interact, and play with them,and share these interactions with others. The omnirecording of sports eventsis just one example -- videos should easily have their video and sound seperatedso people could record new sound over a video, or add another commentary track.Sound players should support this, with ways to recieve and select betweenvarious sources for all parts of a media experience.

Producer-Consumer dichotomies need to be changed. Information must be free,but it must also be fluid.

A few nights ago, I had a dream about my digital camera.. kind of. In thedream, the digital camera could control time in two ways .. firstly, it couldage or youthen objects and part of objects (or people), and secondly it coulddisplace objects in space and time. I had a fun time with it, but like mycamera in real life, it takes an awfully long time once I press the button forit to take a picture, and in the dream it had an even shorter battery life(!).I was trying to youthen my cat, but slow as he is, he wasn't standing stillfor the 5 or 6 seconds before I could take a shot.

Here's some advice a LOT of people neglect. Before you ever give apresentation using your laptop, TURN OFF YOUR SCREEN SAVER AND POWERMANGLEMENT SOFTWARE. Nobody likes seeing your screen blank after a minute orthree of talking, and watching you keep heading back over to hit the space baror move the mouse.

Tags: dreams, tech

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