Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Green thumb means Green Toes

An impression: a thick cover of snow, with a frozen top. Walking over it...The most interesting sensation... the initial crackle of the ice on topshattering, and the initial resistance, and then the feet sink into theprogressively softer snow beneath. It pleases me. It pleases me greatly.

I finally went through the trouble of upgrading my laptop to the fedorakernel just now -- I was running a very old kernel from a beta of redhat 9.1,and had since upgraded the rest of the system to Fedora 1, but was wary of thekernel upgrade because the driverloader thingy I need to make my wirelessethernet work does weird things that I don't understand, and because I couldn'tmake ACPI work. I recently remembered that I need to add "acpi=on" to thekernel boot string for the fedora kernels (Which is dumb), so I tweaked/etc/grub.conf to do that, and having verified that that worked by rebootinginto the kernel and making sure the ACPI actually was still working, I tweakeddriverloader until I made it happy. Yay.

I have what I need to start my other BLOG properly now, so within the nextfew days, Isa will have her first entry. I might need to pause later tofill some stuff in, but that's ok.

I think you'll enjoy this comic.

Tags: blog, comics, tech

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